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Fall 2021 Return to Campus Expectations

MassBay Community College prioritizes the health and well-being of our community above everything else. College officials continue to meet 2-3 times per week to prepare the campus for fall semester, evolving our policies to ensure the highest level of safety on our campuses as possible.

The below are our current MassBay policies, and are subject to change. It is recommended students check this webpage frequently.

These policies pertain primarily to MassBay’s Wellesley Hills campus. Students in health sciences programs attending courses in Framingham and students in automotive programs attending courses in Ashland will be provided more specific information about coming to those campuses. In-person courses begin on September 7, 2021, and here is what you can expect:


General COVID-19 Information and Protocols

The leadership at MassBay has been carefully monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak since it started more than a year ago. As it has evolved, we have heard from public health officials and epidemiologists in Massachusetts and throughout the world who have spoken with one voice, urging people in communities everywhere to get vaccinated. We join that chorus and urge all members of the MassBay community to get vaccinated. Visit → to find the location closest to you to receive your free vaccine.

Students registered for on campus Automotive Technology, Health Sciences, and STEM classes are required to be vaccinated. These students must submit proof of at least one dose by September 13, 2021. Anyone with an autoimmune health issue or religious objection to getting vaccinated must contact the Associate Dean of Students, Josh Cheney, at

Students attending classes on campus that are not lab-based are encouraged to volunteer their vaccination status to the College. Doing so will excuse these students from weekly saliva-based COVID-19 testing and from submitting weekly attestation forms. Any student who does not volunteer their vaccination status will be required to test and to submit an attestation form weekly.

There is a two-step process for students enrolled in face-to-face classes to gain access to the MassBay campus for the fall 2021 semester:

Step 1: Upload your immunization records and proof of COVID vaccination document by visiting

Step 2: Download MassBayGo, our mobile app.

Regardless of your vaccination status, you MUST upload the MassBayGo app to be cleared to come to campus.

Those with Apple mobile devices: Download the app here: Apple Store | MassBayGo App.

Those with Android mobile devices: While we work on publishing the MassBayGo Android app on the Google Play Store, click Android | MassBayGo App and follow the instructions to download the app onto your mobile device.

All students that come to campus are required to wear a face covering at all times, regardless of their individual vaccination status. Face coverings should also be worn outdoors where six feet of social distancing cannot be maintained.

Students are expected to come to campus at the time of their class, attend the class, and then leave campus. Common areas, the library, and computer labs are unavailable. This ensures the safest environment for everyone.

For more information, please visit the MassBay COVID-19 protocols: MassBay and COVID-19 | FAQs →.

COVID-19 Testing

For non-vaccinated individuals and for those who do not submit proof of vaccination, testing is mandatory if you’re coming to campus to take a class. The test is saliva-based, self-administered, non-intrusive, and free to you. It will be given to all those entering the campus when signing in. You will receive detailed instructions when you pick up your test kit on campus. More information about the MassBay’s COVID-19 testing protocol can be found at:

PACES Testing Plan FAQ →


MassBay will only be using classrooms that meet proper ventilation standards, and they are designed to enable everyone to maintain six feet of social distance. The number of students allowed in our labs and classrooms has been reduced to provide adequate distance between students.

Student Space

There will be some designated student space for those who have a wait in between classes or are waiting for transportation. Students using these spaces must maintain six feet of social distance. As stated above, the expectation is that you will leave campus after your class is over as soon as you have transportation; any space designated for students on campus is not intended for studying or socializing.

Back-to-Back On-Campus and Remote Courses

Students should not schedule back-to-back on-campus and remote courses on a given day. Space on campus for students will be limited, and there is no designated space from which students can attend a remote class. Therefore, students who are registering for an on campus class will need time to travel to a different location to attend their remote classes.

Computer Access

The computer lab on the Wellesley campus (room 242) will be closed, and students will not be able to use computers in that space. Students waiting on campus between classes will be allowed to use their laptops in a manner that is not disruptive to other students in the space.

Student Services | Remote

Student services such as advising, tutoring, financial aid, career services, counseling, and others, will continue to be offered remotely in the fall. Do not come to campus to access student services. Despite the remote format, students continue to receive robust academic, financial, and personal support services to ensure your success at MassBay at no additional cost. Please visit to access these services.


Free transportation between the Riverside MBTA stop and the Wellesley campus will be available via the college’s Uber program. More information can be found on the following page:

Food and Drink

Students may only eat at designated eating areas, the cafeterias in Wellesley Hills and in Framingham. Social distance must be maintained in these areas. Students may bring something to drink and remove their face coverings momentarily while drinking.

Special Events

There will be no in-person events scheduled for September or October, 2021. The College will continue to monitor the evolving COVID-19 situation to see if a limited number of on-campus special events can safely be held in November, December and beyond.


If you haven’t yet registered for fall courses, we urge you to meet with your advisor soon. You can find more information about accessing advising at

Registered students should monitor this landing page and their email regularly to receive important health and safety information.