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Cybersecurity Degree, Prospective Students

Why Cybersecurity and Why MassBay?

There are thousands of jobs in the US requiring cybersecurity skills and education. These are high demand jobs, with high pay and include fascinating work where you can make a difference. Cybersecurity professionals are in demand in every industry. MassBay offers two certificates and the only Associate in Science Degree in Cybersecurity in Massachusetts. Students completing this degree are trained with the latest technology and learning environment acquiring the knowledge in networking and security that will help them secure a position in the security field

High School Students

Discover the exploding and exciting field of cybersecurity. Every day the need for trained workers grows. High school students can learn new skills and get a jumpstart on college. MassBay offers college classes exclusively for high school students, including those in the cybersecurity curriculum. Some of these classes are offered for free when they are supported by grant funds. Others require that affordable tuition be paid. Courses are taught by instructors experienced with teaching high school students. MassBay also provides non-credit cybersecurity workshops and presentations for high school students.

Dual Enrollment

High school students enrolled in MassBay classes can work with their schools to receive high school credits in addition to college credits.

Summer Cybersecurity Programs

Check back here for Information about the Summer 2022 Cybersecurity Programs.

Career-Changing Students

The need for knowledgeable cybersecurity workers increases every day. There is a need for skilled cybersecurity workers in every industry. If you want to switch to a new field or assume a cybersecurity job in your current industry, an Associate degree or Certificate from MassBay will prepare you. MassBay provides a supportive environment for career changing students offering classes and resources that work with jobs and other responsibilities.

Scholarships for New Students

Check out MassBay scholarships specifically for new students

Start your Cybersecurity Education

Contact admissions: or 781-239-2500

Admissions is also available 10am–2pm Monday through Thursday and 9am–1pm on summer Saturdays for drop-in video conferencing through MassBay Virtual Q&A Center.

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