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Students of Color Academic Coaching

Young Men and Women of Color Event Come Join The Students Of Color!

The Students of Color Initiative at MassBay is designed to increase the enrollment, recruitment, retention and success rates of students of color at the college. The program is designed to assist students with their college experience and facilitate their journey toward achieving their academic, personal and professional goals. Students of Color members along with Walgler “WaWa” Charles, Students of Color Academic Coach, and Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Lynn Moore meet regularly for one-on-one coaching as well as monthly meeting groups to assure that students are aware of, and take advantage of, the opportunities and support services offered at MassBay.

What We Do

The Students of Color program has implemented an outreach program that includes mentoring, coaching, support programs, and workshops including but not limited to topics surrounding race & identity, mental health and transfer workshops, yoga, motivational speakers and much more. The students receive invaluable support as they adapt to experiencing a college community, navigating college life, and taking charge of their learning.
To fill out the Membership Application, download it, then open it. You will then be able to type into the form. Please email the completed form to

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Social Media

You can follow Students of Color on IG @students_of_color for upcoming workshops and past events. We are located in room 111A on the Wellesley Hills campus.

Campus Events

Here is a sample list of events from Spring, 2019. Look for new events on the MassBay website and on flyers around campus! Do you have ideas for more events? Work with us!

Black History Month, February 2020 — Events Flyer →

Silent Headphones Party | January 28th, 2019
Our spring 2019 opening celebration was a success with the help of mysilentdance party!  Students, staff and faculty got a chance to unwind with their own pair of headsets, which changed color and provided different genres of music through a pair of wireless headphones.

Crewnex | February 11th, 2019
Hip-hop dance team from Cambridge, known as Crewnex performed a fresh freestyle hip-hop dance performance in honor of Black History Month!

Wakanda Cultural Event | February 25th, 2019
Students, staff and faculty were able to bring in traditional wear, instruments, food and art work from their own cultures to educate others at our Wakanda Cultural Event!

Public Speaking Workshop | March 25th, 2019
Students participated in interactive activities that both challenged and decreased their fears of public speaking with influential speaker, thought leader, and Founder of TriUmph, a professional development and leadership coaching company, Kurt Faustin.

Transfer Workshop | April 23rd, 2019
Sometimes learning how to transfer can be tricky. However, with the help of our Academic & Transfer Advising Coordinator, Karen Akukwe, students were able to gain some insight on how to better plan and understand the transfer process.

Stretch Out The Stress | May 1st, 2019
Finals can be stressful, but learning how to manage it and take a break makes all the difference. Director of Equity Compliance, Lisa Macdonald was able to show students and staff different ways to relieve some stress after learning new breathing techniques and understanding how meditation works.