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MassTransfer is the transfer that program connects Community College students to Massachusetts State Universities and the University of Massachusetts campuses. MassTransfer consists of the following:

  • MassTransfer
  • MassTransfer ATA (Alternative Transfer Agreements)
  • MassTransfer Education Transfer Compact
  • MassTransfer Block
  • MassTransfer Associate Degree Programs

For information about transferring credit into MassBay Community College, please consult our Transcript Evaluation for Transfer Credit webpage and the Statewide Policy on Community College Transfer Principles.



Massachusetts State School Transfer Programs Search Tool

To view all MassTransfer agreements visit:

MassTransfer Block

The MassTransfer Block is not tied to graduation. Students who complete the 34-credit MassTransfer Block with a 2.0 or higher grade point average will satisfy general education requirements at all 4 year public institutions. Once “the block” is completed, a notation is automatically noted on the student’s official transcript.

This new program was created to simplify varying general education requirements at public 4 year institutions. The block consists of:

  • Freshman English/Composition/Writing (6 credits)
  • Social Sciences (9 credits)
  • Humanities (9 credits)
  • Natural or Physical Sciences (7 credits)
  • Mathematics (3 credits)

Students should meet with the Transfer Counselor or review MassBay Transfer material to ensure appropriate courses are used in each academic category.



MassTransfer Associate Degree

The MassTransfer Associate Degree program guarantees transfer admission to a Bachelor’s degree program at the University of Massachusetts or a Massachusetts State University when students successfully complete an approved Associate Degree program at MassBay.

The following are conditions for participation in MassTransfer:

  • Enrollment in a MassBay degree program that is part of the MassTransfer program.
  • Submission of an Intent to Enroll form and official transcript(s) to the selected four-year institution during the student’s last semester at MassBay.
  • Graduation from an approved program with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.

A description of the 3 MassTransfer programs is provided below:


The traditional MassTransfer program provides students with guaranteed admission pathways to Massachusetts State Universities and University of Massachusetts campuses. Programs must include courses that satisfy the MassTransfer Block. Programs have been thoroughly reviewed to guarantee 60 credits (or more) transferable credit. Upon graduation the student will receive the following benefits based upon their final g.p.a. 


Minimum Final GPA



2.0 GPA

No admission fee or essay. Transfer of 60 credits applied to the bachelor’s degree. Automatic Satisfaction of the general education requirements at the receiving institution.


2.5 GPA

All of the above benefits, plus guaranteed admission


3.0 GPA

All of the above benefits, plus a tuition credit discounting the cost 8-11%


To utilize this agreement, the student must complete a MassTransfer application and send official transcripts to their selected schools during their final semester at MassBay. A final transcript must be sent after graduation.

MassTransfer ATA (Alternative Transfer Agreement)

Not all programs at Community Colleges will qualify for MassTransfer since many programs don’t have the appropriate courses to satisfy the MassTransfer Block requirement. To address these concerns the MassTransfer ATA agreement has been created.

Programs approved through the MassTransfer ATA program still receive all of the benefits listed above in the traditional MassTransfer program, however the student will not receive the general education wavier. 4 year public institutions will only approve programs through this pathway when a student will receive 60 or more transferable credits. This is where faculty and students will find most STEM program approvals, if they match well with 4 year STEM programs.

MassTransfer Education Compact

The new Education Compact has been moved under the MassTransfer Program. This compact is specifically for Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education majors at MassBay. The compact ensures that students are completing Department of Education course requirements to teach in their selected fields. Students must take and pass the MTEL licensure exam before transferring.
Students will receive all of the benefits listed in the traditional MassTransfer program,and will apply through the same application process. Students are encouraged to speak to their faculty advisor at MassBay regarding transfer options and concerns.

Transfer Agreements (Articulation Agreements)

MassBay has created multiple transfer agreements with local and regional institutions. These agreements are created by faculty and by transfer advising with existing curricula.

What if my program doesn’t qualify for MassTransfer?

Students that graduate from a non-MassTransfer approved program will have to fill out the regular transfer application for each individual institution. Rest assured preference will still be given to a Community College graduate for admission at four-year public institutions.

MassBay is in the process of creating more programs that qualify for MassTransfer. Students should take time to talk to Academic Deans and Faculty in their division to inquire about additional MassTransfer Programs.

MassBay has also taken the time to create Transfer Agreements with local institutions for many programs that guarantee admissions, tuition discounts, and credit. Please review each agreement for specific transfer benefits.