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Changing Lives! New Building for MassBay Health Sciences


Great Progress Being Made on the Construction of the New MassBay Center

On Monday March 23, 2022, MassBay officials joined state leaders and construction team representatives for a Topping Off ceremony to commemorate the placing of the final beam of steel for the structure. On a spectacular early spring day, the sun shone on the impressive progress being made on the new building. Enjoy MassBay President David Podell's remarks to the attendees.

Enjoy the MassBay New Building photo gallery from this historic day.


Groundbreaking Ceremony for MassBay Community College | New Building

On September 29, 2021, the new Center for Health Sciences, Early Childhood, and Human Services building on the Framingham Campus of MassBay held an event with Governor Baker and many more.

Experience the Groundbreaking Ceremony in the video above

Enjoy the MassBay Groundbreaking Ceremony photo gallery with President Dr. David Powell, Governor Baker, and Framingham city officials.


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Changing Lives! MassBay Student Scholarships

Jennifer Rahall | Awarded One Family Scholarship by the MassBay Foundation

MassBay Community College student and single mom, Jennifer Rahall, started college right after high school, but decided it wasn’t a good fit for her and left after three semesters to work two full-time jobs.

After ten years of working full-time while raising her children, she was at a crossroads and had to think about how either college or a new job would fit in with her children’s schedules.

She ultimately chose to go back to school and enrolled into MassBay. She initially believed she was going to be the oldest one in her classes, but she noticed the diversity of other students’ backgrounds and a mix of different ages.

Because she had been away from school for so long, she struggled at first with finding the time to do her schoolwork at home. It took a while for her to get used to juggling school, family, and home, but after acclimating to her classes and professors, and knowing she could always to ask questions without being embarrassed, she became more comfortable with being a student.

She recently applied for, and was selected as, a One Family Scholar, a program that assists low-income, single parents who have enrolled in a college degree program. She felt good to be among the recipients who, like her, received a scholarship for bettering themselves and setting a positive example for their kids.

Due the strong support she received from one of her MassBay professors who helped her prepare for an interview, she started working in the Financial Aid office on MassBay’s Framingham campus.

Jennifer believes that no matter what your background is, your home situation, level of income, lack of work experience, or not knowing your path in life, MassBay offers many opportunities for everyone.


Alumna Isis Sanchez Zarate | International Student Mentors and Tutors Nursing students

MassBay Community College student, Isis Sanchez Zarate, originally came to the U.S. to participate in an exchange program to learn English. In her native country, she had earned a bachelor's degree in registered nursing. Becoming a student at MassBay was a wonderful experience for her because since day one, she received a lot of support from her professors and the MassBay staff.

When she first started, she spent a lot of time in the Academic Achievement Center, which helps students with reading and writing. She also signed up for a few extracurricular activities such as the International Club, the Writing Club, and the Multicultural Mentoring Program.

Isis was fortunate to be the recipient of the Salomon-Fernandez Scholarship. A dinner is held at the end of the semester to thank all the donors. She had a wonderful time meeting with the other scholarship recipients and the donors. At times, when she was stressed due to midterms or finals, she took advantage of MassBay’s counseling office, where students can get emotional support by talking to a counseling expert and discussing what is bothering them. It helped relieve her anxiety and worry during finals and midterms.

She would like to complete her studies to become a nurse here in America, work at a hospital, pursue a master’s degree, then, return to her country to share what she learned in the U.S.


Adult student Toni McCann | From One Family Scholars Program to New Career in Accounting

MassBay Community College student, Toni McCann, had been out of school for several years. She was recently laid off from her job of almost 15 years. In returning to the workforce, she realized that to meet her highest potential, she needed to go back to school and earn a degree. With her four children watching what she does, she wants to lead by example. She wants them to see that if she can do it, they can do it. She had heard of MassBay, but didn't know a lot about it. Evening and online classes were important to her in case she had to take a required subject. She needed the option of flexibility — of joining her class anytime. It has been a great experience for her.

Toni says MassBay has so many great resources—the Advising team and Financial Aid, in particular, have been very helpful, as well as Student Accounts, and Mary, with the MassBay Foundation, who has helped put her in touch with the One Family Scholars Program. Mary went through the application process with her, step-by-step for every question. A small group of the scholarship recipients did their orientation in December (2019), and to Toni, it was a great feeling to be a part of that organization. She’s also a recipient of the MassBay Food Scholarship, which is a tremendous help to her, so she can be fed, and keep her brain “in tune.” The MassBay Writing Center has been a tremendous help. She’s been out of school for a long time and was initially was a bit lost on the writing assignments, but thinks the Writing Center is a great team that has helped her. They will assist her for long stretches of time to work through completion of her assignments.

Toni is now looking into four-year schools, such as Bridgewater State University and UMass. Her ultimate goal, once completing MassBay and receiving a bachelor’s degree, is to be an accounting manager. Her MassBay experience has been different than her other previous college experience, due to the fact that she feels as if she’s part of a group, like a family. At her other college, because she’s a non-traditional student, she felt out of place. But being at MassBay, she sees others who look like her, are a bit older, and who are parents coming back to school after many years. They’re all in it together and it encourages her to keep going. She feels as if she’s not the only one who is going through this right now.