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Registration Forms

In-person/remote services: The Registrar’s Office is available Monday through Friday in office and online from 9:00 a.m.– 5:00 p.m.


Available Registration Forms:

Current MassBay Students: Current MassBay students may enroll in courses online via your Bay Navigator account (Bay Navigator Login) or by completing an Add/Drop Form.

Non-Degree Students: Students who want to enroll in classes for credit but do not plan to complete a degree or certificate program at MassBay or receive financial aid. If you are looking to enroll as a Non-Degree student you may complete the MassBay Non-Degree Registration Form.

Non-Credit Students: If you are looking to enroll at MassBay as a Non-credit student you may complete the MassBay Non-Credit Registration Form.

Auditing a Course
When students audit a course, students are expected to attend class regularly but do not receive college credit. The course instructor will decide the extent to which students will participate in class assignments. To audit a course, students must designate an audit status at the time of registration or during the Add/Drop period. A record of the audit shall be entered on a student’s transcript as “AU” at the time of registration. It cannot later be converted to a letter grade. Audited courses require full course payment.

Drop/Add/ Class-Withdrawal Form
Students who need to adjust their schedules may do so during the semester open enrollment or Add/Drop period. MassBay students may add/drop/withdraw from courses through their Bay Navigator account (Bay Navigator Login) or completing a MassBay Add/Drop Form. Students may withdraw (W) from a course until the withdrawal deadline date by completing an Add/Drop form or withdrawing from their course(s) on their Bay Navigator account. For important deadline dates please view the approproiate semester Academic Calendar.

Semester final/mid-term grades are accessed online through your Bay Navigator account (Bay Navigator Login). Please refer to the College Catalog for list of grades, explanation of the grading system and computation of grade point average (GPA)

Withdrawal from College/Leave of Absence Process
All students intending to withdraw from all classes, there are no remaining classes for the enrolled semester, must meet with the Dean of Students in order to complete a withdrawal from college/leave of absence. The Dean of Students office can be contacted at

Students may refer to the Withdrawal and Refund Policy Schedule for details regarding any financial responsibilities in withdrawing from all classes. The Student Accounts Office will be able to answer any questions regarding this policy. Withdrawing/taking a leave from the College may impact any anticipated financial aid award and revisions to an award may occur as a result of a withdrawal/leave.