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Registration Forms

Remote/ In-person services: The Registrar’s Office is available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.–5 p.m.


Registration Form
If registering online through the self-service Student Center, no registration form is necessary. Registration Forms may be filled out and submitted online, or e-mailed as an attachment. All registration forms must be signed by the student registering. Registration forms will not be accepted or processed if submitted by a person other than the students themselves, unless accompanied by a written and signed permission by the student, identifying the person registering the student. 

Auditing a Course
Students who wish to audit a course must obtain permission from the instructor of the course. Students planning to audit a course are required to pay full tuition and fees, and the request must be made at the time of registration. Audit cannot be converted to a letter grade later in the semester.

Drop/Add/ Class-Withdrawal Form
Students who need to adjust their schedules due to a change in program or other reason(s) may do so during registration and the add/drop period. If adding/dropping or withdrawing online through the self-service Student Center, no form is necessary. The Add/Drop/Withdrawal Form is also used to withdraw from a class during a semester until the withdrawal deadline date listed on the College Academic Calendar.

Regardless of attendance, a student who has not paid the course tuition and fees by the bill due date will be ineligible to enroll in the course, and should not be allowed to attend class and receive a grade.

Grades are no longer mailed to each student. Semester grades are accessed online through the self-service Student Center. Please refer to the College Catalog for list of grades, explanation of the grading system and computation of grade point average (GPA).

Pre-College Courses
Grades in pre-college courses are not included in calculating the GPA nor in the calculation of credits towards graduation.

Graduation Application
During fall and spring semester, students who are nearing program completion and have at least 48 earned credits for a degree should file a Graduation Application. After the request is reviewed, each student will receive official notification regarding completion of associate or certificate requirements. The deadlines are Nov. 1 for the December graduation and April 1 for the May graduation. Applications are accepted after the deadlines but students filing late applications may not be able to participate in Commencement exercises.

Change of Major
A student is required to fill out a Change of Major form  when they decide to make a change in their career path. The form is required to be signed by an academic advisor. If the student wishes to enter a Health Sciences program, there is a separate application for admissions required, detailed in the page: Selective Admissions for Health Sciences.

Withdrawal from College/Leave of Absence Process
All students intending to withdraw from all classes, whereby there are no remaining classes for the enrolled semester, must meet with the Dean of Students Office in order to complete a withdrawal from college/leave of absence. The Dean of Students office can be contacted at

Students should refer to the Withdrawal and Refund Policy Schedule for any financial responsibilities in withdrawing from all classes. Withdrawing/taking a leave from the College may impact any anticipated financial aid award and revisions to an award may occur as a result of a withdrawal/leave. The withdrawal/leave of absence date is determined by the date all forms are completed and turned into the appropriate offices.