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Important Credit Card Processing Changes FAQ

A service fee will be charged for all credit/debit card payments of student bills beginning on March 4, 2020.

MassBay provides students a variety of options for paying educational expenses. Those choosing to pay tuition and fees by credit or debit card will begin paying a 2.85% service fee effective March 4, 2020. All credit/debit card payments will need to be paid on-line through our service provider, Nelnet Campus Commerce — MassBay Community College will no longer accept credit/debit card payments on site at the Enrollment Centers.

Why do I have to pay a 2.85% service fee to pay with a credit card and how is it determined?

Up until now, accepting credit cards to pay for classes incurred a cost to the College that ultimately added to the cost of operations. In an effort to contain the cost of operating the College — and to encourage more students to use payment methods that do not carry extra fees — MassBay will use Nelnet Campus Commerce, its payment plan partner, to process credit card payments.

Nelnet provides third-party transaction processing services, operating under an agreement with MassBay Community College to process credit/debit card payments on students’ behalf. Students who opt to pay by credit/debit card will be charged a 2.85% service fee for processing their payment. The service fee amount is calculated based on the total payment amount.

The 2.85% service fee will be added to your payment and it will appear as a separate item on your credit card statement. It will not appear on your MassBay bill. The service fee is nonrefundable, even if the payment to which it relates is cancelled, refunded, credited or charged back. By using this payment method, you agree to pay the service fee.

Why is the fee being assessed for credit and debit card payments?

MassBay is committed to providing students a range of options for paying educational expenses. However, providing complimentary credit/debit card payment services has become prohibitively expensive because of the processing fees assessed by the credit card companies and financial institutions. The College has been absorbing this expense; however, this reduces funds available for other student needs. MassBay will continue to absorb the fees associated with e-check transactions.

Is there any way I can avoid paying a service fee?

Yes, select e-check when paying online to pay from your checking account. You can also avoid paying a service fee by paying with cash, check, money order or bank check in the Enrollment Center or by mailing such payments to the Student Accounts Office (do not mail cash).

Do other colleges charge a fee for credit card transactions?

Yes. Nelnet charges this fee to cover the cost of transaction fees assessed by credit card companies. Other colleges across the country (including other Massachusetts colleges) enlist third party processing companies that charge service fees for credit card transactions.

Is the service fee refundable?

No, the 2.85% service fee is nonrefundable even if the payment to which it relates is cancelled, refunded, credited or charged back. Service fees must be disputed directly with your credit card company.

The service fee does not appear on my student account. Why?

Our payment processor, Nelnet assesses the service, which is why it does not appear on your student account. The service fee will appear as a separate charge on your credit card statement.

To which charges will this fee apply?

The fee will be applied to all payments made via credit/debit card  to satisfy your student account balance. This includes tuition and fees, health insurance and any other fees posted to your student account.


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