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Payments Authorization

Financial Aid

If you are in need of financial assistance to help defray the cost of attending MassBay, it is important that you start the application process immediately. Application forms may be obtained in the Financial Aid Office on the Wellesley Hills campus and at the front service desk on the Framingham campus. There is approximately a two-month period between filing the initial application and the issuance of an award letter. A student is not considered to be eligible for financial aid until he/she has received an award letter, therefore, please be aware of all due dates and plan accordingly. Failure to complete the financial aid process early will result in a student paying for all tuition and fee charges from his/her own resources while waiting for reimbursement.

Financial Aid Federal Title IV Authorization
Students receiving Federal Financial Aid Title IV funding sources such as Pell and SEOG Grants as well as Federal Direct Loans may be eligible to use excess funds towards additional fees. Federal regulations permit MassBay to credit any Federal Financial Aid received to pay current tuition and fees on your student account. You must authorize MassBay, before we are permitted to apply aid to other educationally related charges, such as Student Health Insurance and bookstore vouchers . Your authorization will remain active for the rest of your academic career at MassBay unless you revoke them in writing to the Student Accounts Office. In order to use your excess financial aid towards these fees you must log into your Bay Navigator account, under the Student Accounts Quick Links, click on Book Voucher_Waiver Permission, then Grant Permission, review the Title IV agreement and click Next; then click check the box indicating that you have read the agreement and click Submit. You will then see a message that your permission form has been accepted.

Bookstore Voucher
Bookstore vouchers are calculated by totaling all approved sources of financial aid and deducting all outstanding tuition and fee charges. This amount is not a separate award, and the value of the bookstore voucher is subject to change based upon adjustments to financial aid eligibility, enrollment and tuition and fee charges. The maximum authorization for a bookstore voucher is $1000.00 dollars. If your financial aid is reduced or cancelled you are responsible for payment of all bookstore charges made against the bookstore voucher authorization and until these charges are paid in full a hold will be placed on your student account. Watch your MassBay email for a message from the Student Accounts Office prior to the start of the semester letting you know that your book voucher is available for use.

Third Party Payments
It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all documentation from external agencies are submitted in a timely manner. Qualifications mandating a letter grade prior to the third party making payment are not an acceptable delay for payment. Any refund generated from a Third Party payment will be issued to either the student or the third party according to the withdrawal and refund policies of the College.

Direct Payments
Personal checks, money orders, and 529 payments should be made payable to MassBay Community College and mailed to:
MassBay Community College
P.O. Box 412831
Boston, MA 02241-2831

Online payments can be made via your Bay Navigator account in the Student Services Ctr. by logging in with your username and password.

Select the Student Finances & Aid tile, then Make a Payment.

This will then direct you to the Nelnet Processing Center for payment, at which time you can pay by credit/debit card, ach, or setup a payment plan (if available). Credit Cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. First time payers must enter their student contact information on the Nelnet site prior to their first payment.

Please note that you must disable the pop-up blocker prior to entering the Service Center.

How to Pay Your Bill (step-by-step with illustrations) →

MBCC processes most check payments electronically by using the information found on your check. Your check authorizes MBCC to create a one-time electronic funds transfer. Funds may be withdrawn from your account as soon as the same day we receive your payment. Checks are not returned to you. To stop the electronic funds transfer and to have your check manually deposited you must present the check in person at our Enrollment Center and request this service.

Review and payment of tuition and fees can be viewed by using MassBay self-services in Bay Navigator.