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Students at computers Summer and Fall 2020: All Classes at MassBay are online or remote due to COVID-19

Please check the course master or consult your advisor, admissions or faculty to see whether your class is online or remote.

MassBay defines online classes and remote formatted classes as follows:

An Online Course does not meet at a particular time or day (known as an “asynchronous course”) and all work is completed in the learning management system, Blackboard. Students are not required to meet at a specific date and time each week, but students are required to engage weekly for course assignments. Assignments and instructions from faculty members may include pre-recorded lectures, videos, or tests. The course master will reflect the location for online courses as ONLINE.

A Remote Course is more flexible in structure, with each professor deciding on class times and modes of communication. Students may be required to meet online on a specific day and time each week, as noted in the course master (known as a “synchronous course”). Assignments outlined in the syllabus may be taught in a variety of ways including WebEx, a web-based video conferencing platform, Blackboard learning management system, other digital tools, or in combination. The course master will reflect the location for a remote course as Wellesley, Framingham, or Ashland, based on the campus where the program is traditionally taught, though there will be no face-to-face courses at this time.

MassBay’s Summer and Fall course offerings can be found at Financial aid and scholarships are available for students enrolled in fall classes. Please direct any questions to MassBay’s Admissions Office at 781-239-2500 or

Online ONLY classes: The classes listed below have been online before COVID-19 and will remain online.


Why Choose MassBay for Your Online Class?

MassBay has been offering online courses for more than a decade.

Highly qualified professors, outstanding programs, and readily available support counselors

More than 100 courses, six associate degrees, and two certificate programs to choose from

MassBay is the most affordable higher education option in MetroWest.

Transferable credits
MassBay Online credits can be used toward most bachelor’s degree programs. Massachusetts Bay Community College is a member of the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA). SARA is an agreement among member states, districts, and territories of the United States. It establishes national standards for the interstate offering of distance education courses and programs.

Get the education you need to get ahead!

MassBay Online Courses


Associate Degree Programs

Business Administration (Associate in Science)

General Business (Associate in Science)

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Paralegal Studies (Associate in Science)

See Legal Studies Programs →

General Studies (Associate in Arts)

Liberal Arts (Associate in Arts)

Liberal Arts: Psychology/Sociology (Associate in Arts)

See Humanities and Social Sciences Programs

General Studies (Associate in Science)

See STEM Science Programs →

Online Certificate Programs



See Business Programs →

Paralegal Studies

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Hybrid Certificate Programs

Hybrid programs combine online with in-person classes. Please consult the course schedule to find out more.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

See STEM Engineering Programs →

Cyber Security

See STEM Computer Science Programs →
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Academic Advising Office

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