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Make-Up Testing

Faculty may arrange for a student who misses an exam for a legitimate reason to take a make-up test in the Academic Achievement Center’s testing room. A photo ID and an appointment are required to take a test in the AAC.

General Guidelines for Requesting Make-Up Testing Services

Information for Students:
  • To take a test through our Center, please make an appointment. Your faculty member will have already dropped off the exam.
  • Please bring a picture ID with you on the day of the test.
  • Your faculty member will drop off the exam in advance and pick it up from Testing Services after you have completed it.
Information for Faculty:
  • Testing services are available to assist individual students who have a legitimate reason to take a make-up exam through our center. It is not possible for us to administer exams to an entire class; this includes online courses.
  • Please drop off and pick up your exam at Testing Services, in the Academic Achievement Center.
  • Please fill out our Testing Exam Form completely and attach the exam. Please remind students to make an appointment with the testing staff.
  • On the Testing Exam Form, please include the instructions for taking the exam, the student’s name, and the exam deadline. If the student’s name is not on the Testing Exam Form, we will be unable to administer the exam. In addition, we are unable to administer exams after the deadline unless accompanied by a note or phone call from the faculty member.
  • For security reasons, students are not permitted to drop off exams on behalf of a faculty member or to leave the testing area with a completed exam.

Please call Barbara Bernard at 781-239-2629 if you have any questions about these guidelines.


Wellesley Hills: 2nd Floor, Academic Achievement Center
Framingham: Inside Library, Room 307

For more information, call 781-239-2632 (Wellesley) or 508-270-4213 (Framingham) or email