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Humanities and Social Sciences Degree

Is the Humanities & Social Sciences Academy a good choice for you? Consider these questions:

  • Do you enjoy learning about other people and why they act, dress, and live like they do?
  • Do you like to discuss ideas and explore different points of view?
  • Do you think carefully about issues, sometimes even doing your own research, so you can make a thoughtful, informed decision?
  • Are you interested in social justice and human rights issues? If you answered YES to any of these questions, read on to learn more about our popular associate degree options!

A degree in humanities and social sciences opens a world of possibilities. Our degree programs in Communication, General Studies, Liberal Arts, and Psychology/Sociology provide a balanced education in disciplines throughout the liberal arts, including fine arts, communication, literature, foreign languages, and history. In addition, students new to the English language can learn through our extensive ESL programs.

MassBay’s Humanities and Social Sciences programs will help you develop the critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills you will need for lifelong learning and for active citizenship in a rapidly changing world. With coursework across a variety of disciplines, you will gain the credits and skills you need for seamless transfer to four-year college or university — through MassTransfer or to other public or private colleges and universities.

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Read the Course Offerings for courses in CO-Communication, EN-English, PS-Psychology, or SO-Sociology for the current semester.

Learn more about our Humanities and Social Sciences degree and certificate programs:

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Associate in Arts Degree Programs


General Studies

General Studies

This program enables students to explore a variety of interests and choices from a wide range of subject areas including business, science, health sciences, and liberal arts. Students also complete a course in a career/ life planning to help them assess their options and develop a degree plan to meet their individual needs.


Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts

This program is the equivalent of the freshman and sophomore years of a Bachelor of Arts program at a four-year college or university. Students gain a broad knowledge of the arts, literature, history, psychology, social sciences, science, and mathematics. In addition, students develop writing and speaking competencies, critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Liberal Arts: Communication

Liberal Arts: Communication

This communication program combines liberal arts and business to provide the basic knowledge and skills needed for a communications-related career in business. The curriculum offers students the flexibility to develop a concentration that meets a student’s particular interests and needs.


Liberal Arts: English

Liberal Arts: English

The English Concentration is an option for students who wish to pursue a liberal arts degree and who have academic and career aspirations requiring a strong background in writing/language arts. It includes analysis of the practice in producing academic, creative, professional, and digital/multi-modal writing. This concentration is appropriate for students considering careers in teaching, publishing, and writing; but also for a wide range of careers in the humanities, business, STEM, and health sciences.


Liberal Arts: Psychology/Sociology

Liberal Arts: Psychology/Sociology

This program is for students who want to specialize in the social and behavioral sciences. Students gain a solid foundation in the fields of psychology and sociology to be used in the workforce or to further their education.



English as a Second Language (ESL)| Classes for College Credit and Non-Credit Classes for TOEFL Preparation


College ESL for Credit

College ESL for College Credit

MassBay offers a comprehensive program for college-level English as a Second Language. Find current College ESL courses on the Course Offerings: . Choose Fall 2021 in the “Semester” box and ES-English as a Second Language in the “Course Subject” box. Click on the course name link to read about the course. You can take courses for college credit to transfer to other colleges, or you can take courses as part of your degree and certificate program at MassBay. Information – How to Apply to MassBay. MassBay has support for students, including ESL students, at the Academic Achievement Center. As part of the admissions process, all students take placement tests. Information - Placement Tests for English as a Second Language students.

Non-credit ESL Programs

Non-credit ESL Programs

Noncredit ESL classes help you improve your English to advance in your job, prepare for higher education, or gain confidence in your everyday communication. Students practice their English in a supportive and friendly environment with small class sizes and high quality instructors.

  • We have classes at the beginner level and above.
  • During the Summer, classes are offered in the evenings at our Framingham campus.
  • Our classes are high quality and low cost.

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

More Information Corporate Partnerships and Workforce Development:

Email: or call us at 508-270-4100

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Course registration is now open for the Summer 2024 and Fall 2024 semester!

Courses are offered in-person, online or remote. Each class is marked with a note indicating its modality in the Course Offerings page.

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