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Psychology and Sociology Faculty

Full-Time Faculty


Joan Alegi-Feeney, Professor of Psychology, M.Ed., M.A.

Joan Alegi-Feeney Professor Joan Alegi-Feeney has more than 30 years of higher education teaching experience. Prior to teaching, she worked as a respiratory therapist for 15 years before returning for additional advanced education and transitioning to the social sciences. She currently provides both classroom- and online-based courses.

Prof. Alegi-Feeney’s medical background leads to a scientific approach to psychology, with a focus on underlying neuropsychological principles. Prof. Alegi-Feeney prides herself in fostering an inclusive learning environment and continually updates course materials with the most up-to-date research information.


Ruma Mishra, Professor of Psychology, Ph.D.

Ruma Mishra Dr. Ruma Mishra is a seasoned educator with more than 15 years of teaching experience. Growing up in a family of educators, she knew from a very young age that all she wanted to do was teach.

She migrated from India 30 years ago. As an immigrant herself, she understands and respects the struggles and difficulties immigrant students encounter. She therefore makes a conscious effort to create a safe and inclusive classroom environment for all her students.

In her free time, Dr. Mishra enjoys traveling, cooking, practicing yoga and working in her garden.


Brandi Perri, Professor of Sociology, Ph.D.

Brandi Perri Brandi Perri, PhD is an assistant professor of Sociology. She attended community college while earning her bachelor’s degree, and worked as a janitor for over a decade while completing her undergraduate and graduate education. Brandi received her PhD from UMass Amherst, and loves teaching here at Mass Bay.


Adjunct Faculty


Antonio, Daiane

Corbosiero, Alfred

Cullen, Jennifer

Demerath, Loren

Dowling Mack, Melissa

Ethier, Joseph

Goff, Larry

Gray, Sabrina

Levine, Nancy

Nardone-Lemons, Karen

Oboodiat, Farideh

Railsback, Nancy

Rogers, Sara

Rzezuski, Rita

Stapleton, Elizabeth

Villar, Mercedes

Taylor, Wayne

Thompson, Kathryn

Tsakas Barros, Joanne

Turnheim, Christine

Wint, Bryan

Woodward, Margaret