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Welcome to the MassBay Communication Department


Why Major in Communication?

Strong communication skills are consistently ranked as one of the top skills employers look for in an employee.

MassBay’s Communication Program provides students with the techniques, tools, and reasoning to help them communicate effectively in diverse environments.

A Communication Degree prepares students for work in all forms of media, public relations, advertising, corporate communications, marketing, government, technology, or a variety of other fields.

Some students will choose to major in Communication and receive an in-depth learning experience from our outstanding Communication faculty. Other MassBay students will opt to take one or more Communication courses to improve their speaking, writing, and critical thinking skills.


Our Communication Department courses include Introduction to Communication, public speaking, mass media, intercultural communication, public relations, and journalism. Additional writing, film, and business classes can be taken to complete the Communication major.

What can you do with a Communication Degree?

After receiving an Associate Degree in Communication from MassBay, students can continue their education by transferring to a four year college or university through the MassTransfer program. Or, a student might choose to use their Associate Degree in Communication to obtain an entry-level position in a communication-related field.

Internship Opportunities

Communication majors have the opportunity to gain professional work experience through internships at companies, non profits, or internally at MassBay. Internships are a great opportunity for students to learn practical skills in the communication field and build their resume. Recently, MassBay Communication students have interned in social media, video production, and podcasting.

Spring 2023 Podcast Internship 


Curriculum and Program Outcomes

Liberal Arts: Communication Curriculum →

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