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Biotechnology Department

Associate in Science Degree Programs


Our Biotechnology program is internationally renowned and offers exciting, hands-on, and research-based study in this rapidly expanding scientific area. Through participation in national research collaborations, students are trained in the scientific disciplines most in demand by the biotechnology industry and government laboratories, including recombinant DNA technology, mammalian cell culture, and chromatography with special emphasis on High Performance Liquid Chromatography.

Biotechnology: Forensic DNA Science

The Associate Degree in Forensic DNA Science is the first and only undergraduate degree program in this field in the world. The training of the program is unique for several reasons. First, students are trained by participating in actual criminal and anthropological cases involving DNA evidence collection and analysis. Second, forensic training is entirely hands-on and confers on students’ extensive skills in DNA analysis. Third, students learn to perform mitochondrial DNA analysis, a high-demand forensic methodology.

Biotechnology: Marine Biotechnology

Marine Biotechnology applies technology and molecular biology to marine biological systems, living organisms (e.g. algae, fish or plankton) or derivatives thereof, to make or modify products or processes for specific use such as pharmaceuticals and food. Hence, the program’s training entails the integration of molecular biology and marine sciences.


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