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MassBay Community College Barry M. Goldwater Scholars

Goldwater Scholar Lindsay Schulman

Goldwater Scholar Lindsay Schulman

MassBay Community College’s extraordinary success in producing Barry M. Goldwater Scholars is unparalleled by any other community college in America.

Established by Congress in 1986, the Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation offers the most prestigious undergraduate scholarship in the natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering in America.

The following MassBay scholars were selected among applicants from the finest colleges and universities across America, cementing their legacy as 23 of our College’s most decorated academic achievers.

  1. Brenda M. Tierney, 1996
  2. Astrid J. Barrios, 1997
  3. Young S. Kim, 1998
  4. Glenn C. Rowe, 1999
  5. Jennifer C. Hafford, 1999
  6. Lynn M. St. John, 2000
  7. Rachel M. Barry, 2000
  8. Gwenivere Lovewell, 2000
  9. Inna O. Komarovskaya, 2001
  10. Alberto Velez, 2002
  11. Jennifer L. Zilberg, 2004
  12. Sheria A. Bondarev, 2006
  13. Kelsey T. Ruddick, 2007
  14. Cristin J. Reno, 2007
  15. Patrick William Quinn, 2008
  16. Marie Nickens, 2008
  17. Lynn M. Desmarais, 2010
  18. Kenny A. Moreno, 2012
  19. Carolyn Lanzkron, 2013
  20. Lindsay Schulman, 2014
  21. Suhaily Penix, 2015
  22. Stacy Okada, 2016
  23. Bernard Brown, 2017

MassBay Goldwater Campus Representative — Dr. Nirmal Singh

If you have questions or interested in applying for this scholarship, please contact MassBay Goldwater Campus Representative — Dr. Nirmal Singh.

Dr. Nirmal Singh profile

Contact Dr. Nirmal Singh:


Dr. Bruce Jackson and MassBay Goldwater Scholars

Dr. Bruce Jackson and President Barack Obama Learn more about the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship program

MassBay pays tribute to the late Dr. Bruce Jackson, whose dedication and standard of excellence played a pivotal role in the success of most MassBay Goldwater Scholars.

In photo: Dr. Bruce Jackson of MassBay receives congratulations from President Barack Obama.