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Welcome to OneCard Student ID!

Wellesley Hills Campus Enrollment Center Room 103G  




 phone:  781.239.2518


If you have submitted a photo to have an ID made, you will receive an email when it is ready.  Please allow 5 business days for your request to be processed.  Pick up your OneCard in Suite 103 on the Wellesley campus during their operating hours, Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm. Please remember that you must present a valid photo ID (drivers license, Mass ID, passport) to receive your OneCard.

OneCards are active for 2 years-you do not need a new one each semester.


Spring 2024 HOURS:


Monday:  REMOTE only

Tuesday:  10am-2pm

Wednesday:  10am-2pm

Thursday:  10am-2pm


What is a OneCard?

The OneCard is the official identification card of MassBay Community College and is issued to every student and employee.  Your OneCard is the property of the College and should be carried with you at all times. It is not transferable. Altering or lending this card will subject the cardholder to disciplinary action.

The OneCard is: 

  • basic identification
  • a library card
  • a requisite to print or make photocopies on campus
  • access to the Recreation and Wellness Center
  • a ticket to ride the free shuttle between campuses
  • a key to student discounts from off campus merchants


How to get a OneCard: 

You must submit a photo to OneCard to have your card made.  Follow the steps below:

  1. Sign into your MassBay account.
  2. Click the link below: SUBMIT YOUR PHOTO OR ONECARD SERVICE REQUEST to access the GET HELP system.
  3. Find and click the OneCard tile — this will take you to a form that includes a drop-down menu of OneCard Services. (You may need to click on the +Create Ticket button to see the list of tiles.) Choose the service needed, fill in the information and be sure to attach your photo.

Photo requirements:

  • photo must be forward facing and against a blank background
  • well lit
  • must be a JPG format-save your photo by naming it first name, last name (ie. Jane.Doe.jpg)
  • must be a recent photo taken within the last six (6) months
  • must be a color photo
  • no hats, hoodies or head coverings (unless those items are worn daily for religious purposes).

Submit your photo or OneCard service request →

Tutorial | how to submit your photo or OneCard service request →


The OneCard is loaded with a $20 credit per semester that can ONLY be used for printing on campus.  If you use all of the allowance you may add value as needed.  Please use the links below to find out how.