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Surgical Technology Program Overview


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MassBay’s Surgical Technologies program is designed for students who desire a career in an area of healthcare involving the use of instruments to treat bodily injuries, disease and other disorders. The four programs offered provide the student with the theoretical and practical preparation to qualify the successful graduate for entry into the respective professions: Surgical Technology and Central Processing Technology.


New at MassBay: Surgical Technology
Associate Degree Program

The Surgical Technology Program prepares graduates to function as members of the surgical team, assisting the surgeon, operating room nurse, or anesthesia personnel in a variety of surgical arenas. Theory and practice of surgical asepsis are the focuses of the program. Students develop knowledge and skills in maintaining aseptic technique within the surgical areas of health care delivery.

The program debuts in September 2022 and is taking applications for admission to the class starting in Fall 2023.

MassBay Surgical Technology Associate Degree Program is in process for approval by accrediting agency ARCSTSA (Accreditation Review Council on Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting)

Please visit the specific program web pages for more details! Each of our programs offer:

A Faculty Dedicated to Your Success

Our faculty members have excellent educational and professional credentials. They will help you explore theory and practice in real-world situations and also provide hands-on guidance.

Solid Career Pathways

Demand for graduates of all four programs is projected to increase as health-care becomes more specialized. If you have good judgment, can handle stress, have leadership capability and emotional stability, you can become a part of these exciting careers!


Our programs and classes accommodate both full time students and working adults. Day and evening options. All classes held at MassBay’s easy to reach Framingham campus.


High quality education at a fraction of the cost of other higher education options. Financial aid options are available.


The mission of MassBay’s Surgical Technologies education programs is to train and educate medical professionals to excel in meeting the needs of the community.


To educate and train students to provide competent and compassionate healthcare to culturally diverse populations in our local community, and to demonstrate ability to communicate effectively with patients and other healthcare professionals.

Surgical Technologist Test Pass Rates Annual Report

The last Certificate cohorts have had a 72 % combined pass rate 13/18. The program has moved to an Associate Degree effective September 2022 with the first class graduating in May 2024.

The class graduating in May 2021 had a 78% pass rate (7/9) on the Certified Surgical Technologist (CST) Exam as stated in the 2022 ARCSTSA Annual Report.


Please attend an upcoming health program information session. Check out the Info Sessions Schedule and sign up today under Health Science Programs Info Sessions.

For further questions, contact:
Richard Clark
Associate Professor
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