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MassBay Foundation

Welcome to the Massachusetts Bay Community College Foundation!

We are a community of volunteers and donors who believe in the transformative power of a MassBay education. We are inspired by the stories of our students and alumni, who succeed despite seemingly insurmountable odds. We give to honor their tenacious spirit, to help our students realize their dreams, to help open up a world of new possibilities, and change lives.




We invite you to join us. Here’s why:

  • Every gift matters: 100% of your gift will go towards scholarships or other needed financial assistance for deserving students who might not otherwise be able to fully fund their education — recent high school graduates, mothers, fathers, veterans, and other nontraditional students — who often juggle jobs, family life, and multiple priorities while pursuing their degrees or certificates.
  • Small gifts have big impact: A gift of $250 covers books and other costs not covered by financial aid. The ability to pay for these additional expenses can make or break a student’s decision to remain in school. A gift of $500 can help a student pay for one class per semester. A one-time gift of $5,000 endows a scholarship in perpetuity.
  • MassBay is an amazing value for our students and YOU: In 2015, MassBay was ranked No. 1 in Massachusetts, No. 2 in New England, and No. 16 nationwide among two-year colleges by the Brookings Institution for best value. MassBay was also ranked in the Top 50 for value among all two- and four-year colleges nationwide. The rating was based on the earnings outcome of our graduates compared to the cost of education.
  • Our students start here, and truly go anywhere: In recent years, our graduates have moved onto MIT, Dartmouth College, Wellesley College, UMass Amherst, UMass Boston, Boston University, Framingham State, Suffolk, Northeastern, to name a few. Our alumni are college presidents and professors, nurses and medical technicians, teachers and social workers, artists and interior designers, software developers and engineers, automotive technicians, criminal justice professionals and scientists active in research. Since 1996, MassBay students have earned 20 Goldwater scholarships, the highest undergraduate prize for science and technology — more than the number of awards for all two–year colleges in the country combined.
  • We need YOU: In 2014-15, the Foundation awarded 284 scholarships totaling $188,000. However, the need is so much greater.

MassBay is a great investment not only in the lives of individual students, but also in the economic vitality and quality of life in our region. Contact Mary Shia, VP of Institutional Advancement and Alumni Relations at or 781-239-3123, or any of the board members, for a visit or to learn more about how YOU can help to advance the mission of the Foundation.

We promise you will not be disappointed.

James C. Lehan, Foundation Chair
Laura Anctil, Foundation Vice Chair
Joseph Asaya
Thomas M. Britt
Laurie Carlson
Robert Dawson
Paul Dumas
Michelle Drolet
Stephen T. Hibbard
Kevin Kane
James J. McKenzie, Esq.

The continued growth of the MassBay Foundation is vital in supporting student scholarships, community services and open access to higher education, thereby ensuring MassBay’s reputation as one of the finest community colleges in Massachusetts. The Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization. All gifts are tax deductible as allowed by law.