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Mentor Programs

MassBay is committed to offering opportunities for our students to be mentored by professionals on and off campus and mentor younger students in the community.

Some of our current mentoring programs and initiatives:

  • 100 Males to College — In partnership with Framingham State University, Framingham Public Schools, the Joseph P. Keefe Technical School, and the Metrowest College Planning Center, MassBay staff, faculty, and students provide mentoring to male junior and senior students in Framingham to support them to apply to and succeed in college.

  • Business Mentoring Program (BMP) — BMP is a collaboration with Jewish Family Service of Metrowest and MassBay’s Business Department. Professional mentors with experience in the subject content embed in business courses to provide students with connecting course concepts with real world experiences. Mentors work with students directly, both individually and in small groups, with the instructor facilitating the engagement. 
    For more information about this program, please contact Professor Thomas Niemi:
    To submit an application for this program, please fill out this form: Business Mentoring Program Mentee Application 

  • Mentoring and Academic Support (MAS) Program at Walsh Middle School — The MetroWest College Planning Collaborative in partnership with MassBay Community College, Framingham State University and Latinas en Acción (LEA) provides a mentoring program for Walsh Middle School students in Framingham. Some of the middle school students live with risk factors such as a single parent home, poverty, abuse or parental incarceration. Mentors and mentees spend at least 2 hours a week at Walsh playing games, helping with homework, assisting mentees with setting goals, discussing college readiness and having fun!

  • Multicultural Mentoring Program (MMP) — The Multicultural Mentoring Program's (MMP) goal is to prepare students to lead extraordinary lives by establishing a community for students from all cultures and different backgrounds. We embrace all races, sexes, gender identities, gender expressions, religions, ethnic backgrounds, socio-economic classes, sexual orientations, abilities, academic majors and residency status.

    We foster the success and community building of historically underrepresented student populations through mentorship, multicultural education, academic support, and celebration of our unique shared experiences. At MMP, we provide academic and cultural programming and services that are relevant to the experiences of all of our students with an emphasis on diverse student populations. We thrive on students’ success and with deep appreciation of diverse cultures, we help students adjust to MassBay’s environment, maintain a distinctive and compelling student experience, and promote leadership in creating an inclusive environment.

    Students who are interested in participating in MMP should submit the online application. MMP’s staff matches students/mentees with mentors who are professionals from regional organizations/companies or MassBay’s staff/faculty in a one-to-one mentoring partnership. Matches are made based on the information provided by mentors and mentees in their applications. The mentoring relationship respects individual differences, sustains inclusion, provides support and advocacy, and helps students to succeed. 

    For more information about this program, please contact Professor Arwa Alkhateeb:
    To submit an application for this program, please fill out this form: Multicultural Mentoring Program Mentee Application
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  • Peer to Peer Mentor Program — The Peer Mentor Program at MassBay Community College links first-year college students with an experienced second-year student who will serve as a mentor. Peer mentors are trained to assist students on a variety of academic and non-academic topics. They will support first-year students in becoming acclimated to MassBay campus and culture. Peer mentors work collaboratively to engage students in activities that increase their peers’ involvement in a positive college experience. 
    For more information about this program, please contact Career Services:

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  • STEM Mentor Program — The goals of the STEM Mentor Program are to nurture STEM students’ academic success and support students’ pursuit of their academic and career aspirations by facilitating one-on-one mentoring relationships and providing STEM-focused events, programs and opportunities. Employer partnerships include Sanofi, MathWorks, the US Army Corps of Engineers and the US Food and Drug Administration, Winchester Analytical Engineering Center. The program is funded by Sanofi, STEM Starter Academy and MathWorks.
    More information about the STEM Mentor program can be found here: STEM Mentor Program or by contacting Tracey Gustafson STEM Mentor Program Manager
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