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Mentor Programs


Networking is one of the most powerful ways to learn more about career paths and secure job and internship opportunities. Please see this networking guide, “What is Networking” to learn how to harness the power of networking for your career success.


MassBay is committed to offering opportunities for our students to be mentored by professionals on and off campus and mentor younger students in the community. Please following this link for more information about how you can become involved in these programs:

Some of our current mentoring programs and initiatives:


Business Mentoring Program (BMP)

The Business Mentoring Program (BMP) is a collaboration with MassBay’s Business Department. Professional mentors with experience in the subject content embed in business courses to provide students with connecting course concepts with real world experiences. Mentors work with students directly, both individually and in small groups, with the instructor facilitating the engagement.

For more information about this program, please contact Professor Thomas Niemi:

Interested in becoming a Business Mentor?

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Interested in becoming a Business Mentee?

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Mentors and Mentees Reflections

Watch the playlist, below, or explore the MassBay Mentors and Mentees Reflections (YouTube videos)


Multicultural Mentor Program

We believe that the path to professional success is paved through impactful mentoring relationships. MassBay’s Multicultural Mentor Program (MMP) empowers college students by cultivating meaningful connections with experienced professionals in their fields of interest, fostering career development, and nurturing community engagement for success in an ever-evolving workforce. Diversity and inclusivity are at the core of our program. We embrace individuals of all identities and backgrounds. By creating an environment that celebrates and values these differences, we strive to enhance the potential for growth and success for each MassBay student. 

If you would like to learn more about this program and its focus, please contact Sabrina Beach at

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Peer to Peer Mentor Program

The Peer to Peer Mentor Program at MassBay Community College links first-year college students with an experienced second-year student who will serve as a mentor. Peer mentors are trained to assist students on a variety of academic and non-academic topics. They will support first-year students in becoming acclimated to MassBay campus and culture. Peer mentors work collaboratively to engage students in activities that increase their peers’ involvement in a positive college experience.

For more information about this program, please contact Katie Cronmiller at 


STEM Mentor Program

The goals of the STEM Mentor Program are to nurture STEM students’ academic success and support students’ pursuit of their academic and career aspirations by facilitating one-on-one mentoring relationships between MassBay STEM students and STEM professionals. Employer partnerships include Sanofi, MathWorks, ABI-LAB, Synspira Therapeutics and more. The program is funded by Sanofi, ABI-LAB, MathWorks, and STEM Starter Academy.

More information about the STEM Mentor Program:

STEM Mentor Program page

Contact Tracey Gustafson, Program Manager:

The STEM Mentor Program brochure →

MassBay STEM Mentor Program | 2020 Year-End slideshow →



  • MassBay students and alumni can schedule 1:1 online, phone, or in-person appointments for individualized assistance.

  • If you need an appointment before 9am or after 5pm or are having difficulty navigating our appointment platform--
         ⇒ Let us know by emailing us at: and we will coordinate a time by email and do our best to accommodate your schedule. 


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