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Mission, Vision, and Values


MassBay Community College is a compassionate, student-centered, accessible institution of higher learning, serving a richly diverse population. MassBay is a bridge to equitable opportunities, sustained success, and a lifetime of professional and personal growth. Through transformative education, MassBay contributes to the growing regional economy and cultivates the potential of our students, empowering them to thrive in our local and global communities.


Massachusetts Bay Community College is a comprehensive, open-access community college, offering associate degrees and certificate programs. The College is dedicated to student learning and achievement through academically rigorous courses and programs. Massachusetts Bay Community College provides its diverse student body with a strong foundation in the liberal arts and state-of-the-art career preparation. The College enriches student experience and encourages civic engagement through academic and co-curricular activities, student services, and partnerships with local businesses, civic organizations, and schools.


Massachusetts Bay Community College aspires to be a catalyst for transformation — calling for the best in students, preparing them as engaged citizens, and enabling them to realize their dreams.


Accessibility and Affordability

Massachusetts Bay Community College is an affordable, open-access public institution, which meets the immediate and long-term needs of diverse students and communities that the College serves.


Massachusetts Bay Community College is committed to a culture of open communication and transparency.


Massachusetts Bay Community College values and pursues diversity and teaches students the importance of inclusion and collaboration in a global context.

Professional Development

Massachusetts Bay Community College invests in professional development for faculty and staff to ensure the excellence of its programs and services.


Massachusetts Bay Community College promotes mutual respect and creates a forum for vigorous questioning and debate among faculty, staff, and students.


MassBay Community College is committed to creating an equitable, inclusive, and transformative learning environment, a college community that respects and celebrates the diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences of the MassBay community. We strive to build a learning community of mutual respect, belonging, and understanding. We recognize that such a community allows people to realize their full potential. When students, faculty, and staff meet in a college environment where diversity, inclusion, respect, and social justice predominate, we all learn, we all grow, and we all feel that we belong.