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Cybersecurity Resources and Training

The Center for Cybersecurity Education strives to compile and share resources available to students and educators.

Academic Resources for Students



cyberstart logoCyberStart is a collection of tools that introduces one to the Cybersecurity industry and accelerates entry into the profession through a set of fun challenges that help measure existing knowledge of computer security. Participants can compete for college scholarships through the National Cyber Scholarship Foundation. →


The National Cyber League (NCL)


National Cyber League logoThe National Cyber League is the most inclusive, performance-based, learning-centered collegiate Cybersecurity competition, which enables students to prepare and test themselves against practical Cybersecurity challenges that they will likely face in the workforce, such as identifying hackers from forensic data, pentesting and auditing vulnerable websites, recovering from ransomware attacks, and more. Open to U.S. high school and college students, the NCL is a community and virtual training ground that allows students to develop and demonstrate their technical Cybersecurity skills, helping students bridge the gap from curriculum to career. →


Academic Resources for Educators

National CyberWatch Center


CyberWatch logoNational CyberWatch Center is a leader in Cybersecurity education and workforce development that advocate for the role of community colleges and universities; builds and promotes Cybersecurity education and workforce development programs; collaborates with and coordinates educational institutions, businesses, government entities, and professional organizations to strengthen Cybersecurity education, workforce development, and research programs. →


The National Cybersecurity Training & Education (NCyTE)


NCYTE logoThe National Cybersecurity Training & Education (NCyTE) Center advances cybersecurity education in the U.S. by investing in technological innovation, resources, professional development and tools to support faculty, community colleges and the workforce pipeline of tomorrow. →