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College ESL for Credit

MassBay offers a comprehensive program for college-level English as a Second Language. Find current College ESL courses on: Course Offerings . Choose Fall 2020 in the “Semester” box and ES-English as a Second Language in the “Course Subject” box. Click on the course name link to read about the course. You can take courses for college credit to transfer to other colleges, or you can take courses as part of your degree and certificate program at MassBay. Information – How to Apply to MassBay. MassBay has support for students, including ESL students, at the Academic Achievement Center. As part of the admissions process, all students take placement tests. Information - Placement Tests for English as a Second Language students.

Non-credit ESL Programs

Non-credit ESL programs

MassBay offers robust academic and social support to a diverse student community. MassBay has free parking and is also accessible by public transportation. MassBay facilities and academic instruction are handicapped-accessible.

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