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Club and Organization Resources

Below, clubs and organizations will find all of the forms, policies, and procedures they need to be successful. If you have any questions, or need any help with your organization, please contact the Student Engagement Office at

General Information

All of the rules, policies and procedures for clubs and organizations can be found in the Club and Organization Handbook. Student Engagement hosts Club Trainings at the beginning of every semester, but if you cannot attend, have any questions, or would like additional training on the club/organizations policies and rules, please contact the Student Engagement Office at

Club and Organization Handbook

Getting Registered

All clubs and organizations are required to register with the Office of Student Engagement every academic year. Please complete the Returning Club Registration Packet Below and submit a copy of the Hazing Acknowledgement Form to the Office of Student Engagement. If your club/organization changes leadership at any point, please resubmit the Hazing Acknowledgement Form with the new President’s name. 

MassBay Community College Hazing Policy and Acknowledgement Form

spring Club and Organization Registration (for clubs who were active in Fall 2021) →

Returning Club and Organization Registration (clubs who were not active in Fall 2021) →

Hosting Virtual Events and Meetings

We encourage clubs to make any larger events, game nights or an invited speaker for example, open to all students this semester, it can serve as a great recruiting tool! If you are hoping to hold any virtual events this semester, or would like things included in our weekly events calendar and help with marketing, please fill out the form below:
Virtual Event Planning Form

Hosting On-Campus and In-Person Events and Meetings

Clubs who are interested in hosting club meetings or larger events on campus and in-person will need to request space at least 2 weeks in advance by submitting the form below. In order to participate in any in-person club event, on the MassBay campus or off-campus, students must have uploaded their proof of vaccination and be authorized to be on campus. We encourage clubs to consider how to make all meetings or larger events open to all of their members by either hosting things virtually or in a hybrid fashion. If you are hoping to hold an in-person meetings or events this semester and would like things included in our weekly events calendar or help with marketing, please fill out the form below:
On-Campus and In-Person Event Planning Form

Hosting/Attending Off-Campus Events

Clubs and Organizations will be allowed to participate in off-campus events, for example conferences and meetings that relate to the mission of the club and are beneficial for the members. In order to participate in any in-person club event, on the MassBay campus or off-campus, students must have uploaded their proof of vaccination and be authorized to be on campus. At this time, the Office of Student Engagement will not be able to help clubs coordinate travel to off-campus events. If clubs need funding for tickets, memberships, conference fees or other event related expenses, please use the Club Funding Request Form below. If clubs are not requesting funding, please email the Office of Student Engagement with your intended travel plans. 
Club Funding Request Form 

Requesting Funds

Club and Organizations funding may be achieved through fundraising, co-sponsorship with departments, or by requesting funding from the General Club Fund by submitting a Club Funding Request Form and receiving funding from SGA. Only registered organizations are able to receive funding and clubs must follow all college policies and work closely with the Office of Student Engagement to spend funds received.
Club Funding Request Form 

Bringing a Guest/Speaker to Campus 

Clubs and Organizations hoping to bring guests or guest speakers to campus for club events or meetings must follow the College’s Visitor & Guest Policies, which can be found here: We also encourage all groups to consider hybrid and virtual options for brining guest speakers to events and meetings.  

Using the Club Microsoft Teams

All clubs have had a Microsoft Teams created for them to exist together virtually! As students join clubs, they will be added to the Club’s Team. Teams allows clubs to chat with each other to keep up conversation and upload and share files so that everyone is up-to-date on club happenings. We suggest turning on notifications for every club that you are involved with, so that you get updates whenever anyone posts to the group.

Student Engagement will post updates directly into the club chat as well so that members can learn about upcoming campus events and club updates!

Club Leaders can also create channels if groups are working on multiple projects or if you have subgroups that want to maintain other conversations. Teams also works with other Microsoft applications like Forms and others, so you can continue to personalize your group and make it work for you.

Watch this Intro to Microsoft Teams and find more training videos and help Microsoft Teams help


Club Leaders can also schedule their meetings directly through Teams, all members will be able to join the meetings, and meetings can be added to your Outlook calendar, making it even easier to keep track of your schedule. We will continue to post your meeting times on the Club website so that interested students will know the club’s meeting schedule.

Accessing Teams

Once you have been added to a Team, you can access it anytime through your microsoft account.

  • Download Teams for your desktop, iOS, or Android.
  • Access it online. Go to your OneLogin Page, search for Teams, and use the tile to access all of your Teams! Be sure to turn on notifications for each group.