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Student Government Association Profiles

Yassine Hassan | President

Office Hours: TBD


Duties: To conduct all full SGA meetings, hold two office hours per week, meet with President Podell monthly, attend at least one standing committee per week, and represent MassBay.

Derin Saunders | Student Trustee


Duties: To facilitate communication between the Board of Trustees and the SGA, attend the Board of Trustees meetings (voting) and the full SGA meetings (non-voting), and represent MassBay.

Ronan Keane | Vice President of Academic Affairs

Office Hours: TBD


Duties: To chair, recruit and develop members for, and hold a weekly meeting for the Academic Affairs Committee, hold at least two office hours per week, meet with the MassBay chief academic officer monthly, and address students’ academic issues.

Hometown: Needham, Ma

Major: Communications

Clubs/Interests: I am in the MassBay Podcast Club, Intramural Basketball, and SGA. I enjoy surfing, running, and working out. 

Why I joined SGA: I believe the work SGA does is essential and meaningful. I am truly honored to be able to represent my peers and work with others to create effective change. Through this position, I want to increase school pride and change the public perception of what a MassBay student is; a highly motivated, future-oriented, serious student. 

Adrian Gilbert Miller | Vice President of Student Affairs

Office Hours: TBD
Duties:To chair, recruit and develop members for, and hold a weekly meeting for the Student Affairs Committee, hold at least two office hours per week, meet with the MassBay Dean of Students monthly, and address students’ non-academic issues.

Hometown: Boston, MA

Major: General Studies Science (With the hopes of pursuing a career in Chemical Engineering or Biomedical Medical)

Clubs/Interests: Stem Club, STEM Mentor Program, LEAD Program, Engineering Club, Student of Color

Fun Fact: I love listening: I love  listening To All Types of Music Genres, video games, and playing sports (Football, Basketball)

Why I joined SGA: I decided to join SGA because I wanted to be the voice that the students can depend on. I wanted to help improve campus life for students. I want to make school more welcoming and fun for all students. I’m a great listener and take accountability for the faults of others. I wanted to be the direct connection between students and SGA

Francesco Viscomi | Vice President of Finance

Office Hours: TBD


Duties: To chair, recruit and develop members for, and hold a weekly meeting for the Finance Committee, hold at least two office hours per week, maintain financial records of the SGA, facilitate conversation about funding and the SGA budget, meet with the SGA advisor monthly, and keep track of all finance-related activity in the SGA.

Hometown: Waltham, Massachusetts

Major: Business Administrative (Accounting)

Clubs: SGA

Interests: Reading, working out/gym, baking

Fun fact: I am a triplet

Why I joined SGA: I joined SGA to get involved in the school and to make new friends. I always knew it would benefit me socially and academically to get involved in school and I knew SGA would be perfect because I love to talk to and meet new people. It wasn't until my second semester that I saw a position matching the field of my major that I decided to go all in with SGA and Finance. I didn't expect to be as immersed in SGA and the school as much as I am now. I am happy to be able to help student and faculty by being a resource for all. Looking ahead, I hope more students are open to joining SGA so that we have a strong voice for our student body.

Diana Akum | Senator

Office Hours: TBD


Annalise Rose | Senator

Office Hours: TBD


Duties: Attend SGA meetings, host one weekly office hour, attend weekly Event Committee meetings, and listen to the concerns and thoughts of the student body.

Hometown: Wrentham, Massachusetts

Major: Psychology

Clubs/Interests: MassBay Games Club, Creative Writing Club, LEAD Program, and the SGA. In my free time, I like spending time with my friends, cooking meals and drinking tea, watching movies/shows and reading books, creative writing, listening to music, and frequenting thrift stores and cafes.

Why I joined SGA: I joined SGA to participate in the planning of activities and events on campus and to advocate for equality and proactive change. I know that many of my peers go to their classes and leave, but I strongly believe there is so much to be gained from joining in all of what MassBay has to offer. We are part of such a tight knit, accepting community, and I think we all have the potential to make a positive difference. My responsibility is to assist people in making their voices heard, so please feel free to reach out to me whenever!

Jack Newman | Senator

Office Hours: TBD


Hometown: Medfield, MA

Major: Business Administration

Why I joined SGA: I joined SGA mainly because MassBay has taught me a lot about myself as a student. As a student, I take pride in every academic endeavor I set. To be successful, you have to be determined and more extroverted. Being the person I am with a good sense of humor and academic ambition, my goal to bring to the table the Student Government Association (SGA) is a recipe for success for the MassBay Community and the students. From my perception. A student that may or may not be struggling in the community and cannot navigate for themselves and speak up for themselves should not have to feel they're alone. What I know that can benefit other students and the community is to provide better resources for every student and their success at MassBay.

Joel Yate | Senator

Office Hours: TBD


Hometown: Abidjan (Cote d’Ivoire)

Major: Computer Science

Clubs and Interests: International Students Club, Students of Color, LEAD Program, Music, Technology, Psychology

Fun fact: Perfectionist

Why I joined SGA: I joined the SGA to find solutions to community problems.

Khin Zun | Senator

Office Hours: TBD