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Spring Withdrawal and Refund Policy Schedule

Refund Policy

Students who voluntarily withdraw from course(s) or the College are granted a refund or reduction of tuition and fees according to the schedule below. Lack of attendance or course abandonment, does not constitute course withdrawal. Students who do not withdraw in accordance with college procedures are subject to full payment of tuition and fees. The withdrawal date is determined by the date all forms are completed and turned into proper offices.

Financial Petition for Extenuating Circumstances

A student may submit a financial petition if extenuating circumstances occurred preventing the student from completing coursework for a term. The financial petition process can be used to request a tuition and fee adjustment after the published deadline due to these circumstances. Any grades received and recorded on the student’s transcripts will not be affected by this process and will remain a part of the student’s academic record.

Financial Petition for Extenuating Circumstances →

Official Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Day Courses

Tuition & Mandatory Fees
Before 11:59 pm on 01/31/22100%
Before 11:59 pm on 02/07/2250%

Online 15 Week and 8 week 1 Courses

Tuition & Mandatory Fees
Before 11:59 pm on 01/24/22100%
Before 11:59 pm on 01/31/2250%

Online 8 Week 2 Courses

Tuition & Mandatory Fees
Before 11:59 pm on 04/01/22100%
Before 11:59 pm on 04/07/2250%

Continuing Education Credit Courses
Evening, Weekend, Winter/Summer Sessions

Tuition & Mandatory Fees
Before the 2nd class meeting100%
Before the 3rd class meeting50%

Non-Credit Workshops and Seminars — Charges are non-refundable after the start of the 1st class meeting.