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Health and Background Check Requirements

To track the health requirements of MassBay’s Division of Health Sciences (“DHS”) students, we use an online document tracking system from a company named CastleBranch. “MyCB” is a a secure health document management system provided by CastleBranch to help facilitate compliance tracking and national county records background screening services associated with MassBay’s Health Sciences students. It can be accessed online or through a mobile app.

All Health Sciences students will use this platform to upload required documentation as well as complete all required responses. MyCB Quality Assurance (QA) Clinical Specialists will classify health requirement verification document submittals with a status of complete or rejected. Unanswered requirements have a status of incomplete or overdue. When a tracker requirement’s status is incomplete, rejected, or overdue, the student receives weekly notifications through myCB. When documentation is missing, incomplete, or in need of updating, the student receives email “alerts”. Authorized DHS staff will refer to MyCB data to determine whether a student has demonstrated compliance with all requirements to attend clinical. DHS does not accept or maintain any hard copies of health records, nor do we review any records for compliance.  Submission of medical records to MassBay’s Office of Student Development as a student in General Studies does not fulfill requirements for DHS students.

MassBay Community College — Summary of guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for health care personnel

Physical Examination & Immunization Form
This 3-page form requires the student’s signature authorizing the release of immunization information to clinical affiliating agencies. It also requires your health care provider to fill in confirmation of immunizations you have received, and confirmation of your physical exam within the past year.

For more information about CastleBranch/MyCB visit their website at:

View a video about the student account setup process by clicking: CastleBranch/MyCB Student User Tutorial.

Any DHS student whose course-work or clinical placement activity requires direct access to children, elderly, patients, or disabled or other at-risk populations, must submit to a background check. The purpose of the background check is to ensure public safety and avoid unacceptable risk to vulnerable populations. There are three types of required background checks: CORI, SORI and Supplemental.

CORI and SORI — The student completes the necessary forms to authorize a search of Massachusetts records for past criminal or sexual offenses known as CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) and SORI (Sex Offender Registry Information), and submits a copy of their driver’s license. The CORI and SORI completion process occurs at program orientations at the beginning of Health Sciences programs, and during the first or second week of each following semester.

Supplemental — DHS partners with CastleBranch/MyCB to conduct the Supplemental (i.e. National County Records Search) background checks for students. Students will create an online account with CastleBranch/MyCB and order their supplemental background check. The three basic coverage components of this Supplemental background check include: Social Security Verification, Residency History, and County Criminal Records.