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Graduation Competencies

Faculty and staff at the Massachusetts Bay Community College support and expect associate degree graduates to become proficient in the following dimensions upon successfully completing their academic program:

  1. Written and oral communication
    Graduates will explain, persuade, advocate, and argue effectively when engaged with a variety of audiences.

  2. Quantitative skills
    Graduates will use a variety of mathematical tools and quantitative reasoning to solve problems and analyze complex challenges.

  3. Technological/computer/information science facility
    Graduates will understand and use appropriately a variety of technological tools.

  4. Knowledge about the natural world
    Graduates will use scientific knowledge and methodology to test, validate, and update their knowledge about the natural world.

  5. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    Graduates will analyze historical, organizational, institutional, political, and global systems of power and the complex ways that group and individual interactions impact self, community, and society. Graduates will identify the skills and strategies that they have for promoting equity, inclusion, and cultural sensitivity.

  6. Critical thinking and informed decision-making
    Graduates will engage in ethical reasoning, integrative/systems thinking, and creative thinking to analyze and solve problems from multiple perspectives.

  7. Personal, social, and civic responsibility
    Graduates will take responsibility for their actions, self-assess, self-advocate, collaborate, and develop community and civic awareness.