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College Appeals Information for Dismissed Students

A student is dismissed from the college if they do not demonstrate improvement in their academic performance and have been on academic probation for three consecutive semesters in a row. Dismissed students will not be able to enroll at MassBay until they successfully appeal their Dismissal through the College Appeals Board.

The purpose of the College Appeals Board (CAB) is to provide an efficient and impartial environment for student appeals requesting readmission to the College due to academic dismissal.


Contact the Office of Student Development, Wellesley Hills campus (Room130) for a College Appeals Application, or via email

  1. Complete the College Appeals Board application, which includes a personal appeal statement attached (typed) outlining what led you to dismissal and your goals to be successful, should you be readmitted;
  2. Return the completed application to Student Development, Wellesley Hills Campus (Room 130) or via email a week in advance of the date you selected;
  3. For your meeting, be prepared to speak with the members of the Board about your personal appeal statement;
  4. The results of the College Appeals Board meeting will be communicated to you (and the respective College departments) via email and postal mail.