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Federal Work Study

What is Federal Work Study (FWS)?

Federal Work – Study provides part-time jobs for undergraduate students with financial aid need. This program allows eligible students to earn money to help pay for their educational expenses while gaining related course-study work experience. Students may work on or off campus with federal, state or local public agencies. Work-study awards are not disbursed to the student’s account and do not reduce tuition and fees. The student will receive a paycheck biweekly for the actual hours worked. Off – campus jobs must be in the public interest and academically relevant to the student.

Federal Work Study Awards

Our office will award students on a first come, first served basis. We will calculate a student’s award amount based on the amount of available funds from the federal government and the colleges own resources, the number eligible students, their demonstrated financial need, and our financial aid packing policy. Once a student receives a FWS award, they cannot earn more than that amount – once students hit their cap, the work-study ends.

Federal Work – Study Position Availability

The number of Federal Work Study positions depends upon the annual allotment of FWS funds. The number of applicants may exceed the number of positions available; therefore, submission of an application does not guarantee and offer of employment. Although positions are limited, students should not be discouraged and should frequently check for openings on our website.

Student Employment has job applications and information available.


  1. Apply for financial aid. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at
  2. Enroll and maintain a minimum of three (3) credits for the semester.
  3. Must be eligible to receive Title IV aid.
  4. Demonstrate financial aid need as determined by the FAFSA.
  5. Complete the hiring process.

How many hours can students work?

Students are eligible to work an average of 8-10 hours per week while classes are in session with 18 hours as the maximum during fall and spring semesters.

What is the rate of pay?

The rate will be at least the minimum wage for the state of Massachusetts.

Will FWS affect my FAFSA eligibility?

One of the benefits of earning income through a federal work-study position is that those earnings do not count against you when you complete the next year’s FAFSA. Be sure to answer the questions regarding how much you earned through work-study on your FAFSA accurately.

If you have any questions regarding any of this information, please contact the financial aid office at