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Coaching Commons

Revolutionize Learning. Define Success. Build Community.


Success Coaching is now available 100% online or via phone! If you are concerned about remote classes, how to stay organized and stay up to date with assignments, or how to manage the new stressors of the changing learning/working environment, we can help.

For Faculty wishing to make a referral

Please visit and complete a referral form or email

For Students wishing speak with a Success Coach

Email or call 781-239-2727. Email and voicemail are checked daily.


What is Coaching Commons?

Coaching Commons is an office dedicated to supporting the academic, career, and co-curricular success of students at MassBay. We provide individualized support focused on college transition, academic skills, and building a sense of belonging.

Make an Appointment

To make an appointment with a coach, please contact us.


Faculty and Staff members can refer a student for coaching services by using the “Refer a Student” link. Additional information about referrals can be found below.

Refer a Student for Coaching Services

Form to Refer a Student →

What services are offered in Coaching Commons?

Students can access the following services in Coaching Commons:

  • One-on-one coaching that focuses on individual goals
  • Support with college transition and acclimation
  • Help managing non-academic challenges
  • Guidance setting and achieving goals
  • Navigating campus resources
  • Class preparation assistance
  • Strengths identification & professional growth

In addition to general services provided by all coaches, Coaching Commons offers:

  • Culturally relevant activities in a culturally inclusive community
  • Academic skill-building workshops
  • STEM career, internship, and research opportunities
  • Assistance with the FAFSA application and verification
  • Help navigating Blackboard, Bay Navigator, and MyMAP

Coaching Commons Staff

  • Walgler “WaWa” Charles, Students of Color Academic Coach
  • Erika Reyes, College Planning Collaborative Coach
  • Brandon Portillo, College Planning Collaborative Coach
  • Brenda Egan, STEM Success & Career Coach
  • Amy Greif, Academic Success Coach
  • Margaret Crowe, Academic Success Coach


Faculty and staff members can refer any student to coaching services after exhausting outreach associated with their role as an instructor, mentor, or advisor to the student. Before making the referral, we request that you communicate to the student that you are making the referral and the reason why.

Why would I refer a student to coaching services?
Faculty & staff members can refer students to coaching services for a number of reasons, including (but not limited to) concerns about:

  • Transition into college or preparedness for college
  • Acclimation into academic and/or cultural environment
  • Academic skill gaps
  • Sudden absenteeism
  • Navigating college resources
  • Failure of multiple exams/quizzes
  • Time management and organizational development
  • Managing online course expectations