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Clubs & Organizations

Getting involved in a club or organization is a great way for you to explore your interest areas, gain valuable experiences outside of the classroom, meet your fellow students, and get connected to the MassBay community.


MassBay offers a wide-range of student-run campus clubs which provide opportunities to explore new social, cultural, educational and professional experiences.


Whatever your interests, MassBay has a student organization for you. Get involved today!


If you have questions about any of the clubs listed below, or you want information, email


Join a Club at MassBay:

Fill out the MassBay Club Interest Form!

Students who complete the above form and list the groups they want to join will be contacted by a represenative from the associated organization with instructions on how to become involved.

Start a New Club at MassBay:

 MassBay New Club/Organization directions & application 

Current MassBay Student Clubs:


ALL Clubs must re-register for the Spring 2023 semester, regardless of Fall 2022 status to be considered an active organization by Student Engagement.




The purpose of this organization is to allow students to learn game engines and program their game. Our goal is to program a simple game and learn different features about game engines during the process. 

Meeting times: Wednesdays 2-3pm in W300

Club Contacts:

Advisor — Matthew Obetz  

President — Dongju Park

Vice President — Catherine Kelleigh 

Biotechnology Innovations

The Biotechnology Innovations Club discusses recent innovations in Biotechnology, Gene Therapy, RNA therapeutics Genomics, Vaccine Development, and food production. The club encourages the synergistic growth and development of scientific curiosity, inquiry, and quest for discovery among MassBay Community College students through knowledge and involvement in research addressing real-world problems and discussion of recently published papers in translational biotechnology and life sciences research.

Meeting times: Hybrid on Thursdays 3pm in W316 and on WebEx.

                          Join Discord

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                          Club Member Registration Form

Club Contacts:

Advisor — Nirmal Singh

President — Angel Fox  

Vice President — Frank Abbott 

Officer — Esther Jagwer  

Business Club

The Mission of the Business Club is to enhance interest in business, encourage ethical business behavior, promote professionalism and leadership and encourage more participation in philanthropic endeavors. The Club provides an opportunity for students using learned business skills to engage in fund raisers for worthy causes and community service. The Club also provides students interested in business an opportunity to network with business professionals and leaders, to learn more about, and understand the role of business in our society.

Meeting times: TBD

Club Contacts:

Advisor — Reginald Pierre-Charles

President — Pedro Garcia

Cheese Club

Do you believe life is better with EVERYTHING CHEESE! Do you like trying new food items from different cultures? Then this club is for you! Can't have dairy? That's fine, we have a dairy free option to enjoy. 

Meeting times: TBD

Club Contacts:

Advisor — Aaron Riobe

Advisor— Lucy Wittenberg

Co-Presidents — Eli Postnikov  

                            Misbah Shaikh  

Civic Engagement and Student Advocacy Club (CESA)

The Civic Engagement and Student Advocacy Club is dedicated to providing opportunities for students to become involved with political, legal, and educational issues that affect college students. CESA hosts a Constitution Day event every fall, a Virtual Coffee Chat for elected officials every spring, and campus-wide forums every semester to discuss current events. CESA also organizes voter registration initiatives, coordinates political science internships, and promotes employment opportunities for those interested in public service.

Meeting times: Tuesdays 2pm via Teams

Club Contacts:

Advisor — Heidi Getchell-Bastien

President — Henry Brill 

Officer — Lily Taibi

Creative Writing Club

The Creative Writing Club’s mission is to foster a supportive environment at MassBay for writers of any form or genre to create, share, workshop, and showcase their writing.

Meeting times: Hybrid on Thursdays 2-3:15pm in W503 and WebEx

Workshop meetings TBD. Meetings are scheduled via Slack

*Click here for the Creative Writing Club website*


*Screen Writing Challenge Entry Form [Due 3/10]*

*Lumiere Submission Form [Due 3/20]

Club Contacts:

Advisor — Matt Walsh

President — James Gillihan

Cyber Security Club

The Cyber Security Club provides an opportunity for students of all majors who have a vested interest in cyber security in all aspects of the field from its history to modern day trends. The club will focus both on educating members concerning different concepts of information and cyber security and application in hands-on group projects and collegiate cyber competitions.

Meeting times: Thursdays 4-5pm

Club Contacts:

Advisor — Shamsi Moussavi

President — Zachary Beaudet  

Engineering Club

The Engineering Club has the common goal of expanding student skills and knowledge of the engineering disciplines. Participants discuss, test, and prototype projects of interest to the current club members. Current project: Robotic Arm to assist 3D printers. Join the discord group and introduce yourself!

Meeting times: Thursdays 11-1pm

Club Contacts:

Advisor — Tracey Vincent 

President — Tomas Plasencia

Treasurer — Steven Hopkins

Secretary —  Gift Kuepouo  

Pride Alliance

The mission of the Pride Alliance is to provide LGBTQ+ members of the MassBay community a safe space to be themselves and provide awareness and education about the issues facing the LGBTQ+ community in the local area and in the world. Allies welcome too! 

Meeting times: Tuesdays at 12:30pm in W503. Join Discord here.

Club Contacts:  

Advisor — Dustin Gerstenfield

President — Henry Brill  

Games Club

The MassBay Games Club is dedicated to fostering a community at MassBay through games of all sorts. Our mission to ensure members of our club have fun and make friends through the games that we all enjoy or play. The club is representative of all kinds of students, whether you play Tabletop Games, Board Games, Video Games, Card Games, or just really like Rock Paper Scissors.

Meeting times: TBD

Club Contacts:  

Advisor — Sean Fortney 

President — Sunny Chaiyaruk

Moderator — Eli Postnikov

Moderator — Annalise Rose 

International Club

The club serves MassBay students by promoting tolerance and acceptance amongst different cultures and lifestyles present in our student population. We are hoping to create awareness of the issues that international students are affected.

Meeting times: Mondays 12:30-1:30pm and first Friday of every month 12:00-1:00pm

International Lunch Hours in Spring 2023: 

4/7: Cameroon

3/3: Albania

5/5: Egypt

All lunch hours will take place from 12-1pm in the Alumni Board Room

Club Contacts:

Advisor — Claudia Ortiz

President — Paulina Guerra 

Officer — Laura Garcia

iWARP Club

The iWARP (internet of things, Wearables, Arduino, Robotics, and Raspberry Pi) Club provides students the opportunity to learn and work on hands-on multidisciplinary projects using physical computing. Students are encouraged to experiment with new ideas and express their creativity by building interactive physical systems using software and hardware that allows you to sense and respond to the physical environment. No previous experience required! Students will have the opportunity to work on a state-of-the-art lab designing and developing projects of their choice. They will be able to learn how to use IoT (Internet of Things) devices, wearable technologies, microcontrollers (Arduino & Micro:Bit), robotic components, and/or Raspberry Pi (RPi) mini computers. Students will also have access to a variety of equipment like sensors, LEDs, cameras, motors, computer networking equipment, and IoT devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, wireless speakers, IP cameras, environmental sensors, Wi-Fi lights & outlets, home control systems, etc. Students from any discipline are encouraged to join, and learn how to create cool projects that use some or all of these components.

Meeting times: TBD

Club Contacts:

Advisor — Tony Sena

Investment Club

The Investment Club will teach students how to manage 401Ks and IRAs, understand the stock market, and give a comprehensive explanation of stocks, bonds, and cash equivalents. This knowledge aids students to build a strong financial foundation that can grow in the future.

Meeting times: Every other Monday 1-2pm in the Business Center

Club Contacts:

Advisor — Andrew Wrobel 

President  Reilly Edelman 

Vice President  Azalea Rodas

MassBay EMS Student Council Association (MESCA)

This club will provide education, guest lectures, community outreach and population health management projects for EMT and paramedic students. Our goal is to expand upon our role as critical public safety agents who deliver exceptional pre-hospital emergency medicine, public health education and outreach and population health management programs to the communities we serve through leadership, compassion, patient advocacy, preparedness, integrity, pride, and clinical excellence. 

*MESCA is based on the Framingham Campus*

Meeting times: Every Tuesday 3:30 - 4:30pm in the EMS Lab Room 118 

Club Contacts:

Advisor — Joe Murphy

President — John McCarey  

Vice President — Ryan DeCoste

Secretary — Adam Cadman

Treasurer  — Brian Beaudette

MassBay Veterans Club

The purpose of this organization is to unite students with the common goal of looking after the personal, academic and social wellbeing of MassBay Veterans of the United States Armed Services.  The club is open to Veterans, National Guard, Reservists, Active Duty, and spouses/family members.

Meeting times: TBD

Club Contacts:

Advisor — John Martin 

Co-Advisor — Anna Pilkington

President — John Kirk

Vice President —  Meghan Carroll  

Nursing Clubs

Pre-Nursing Club

Pre-Nursing is aimed towards students that are interested in or that have initiated their path towards nursing programs. Students will have the opportunity to engage with peers that are on the same path, as well as students currently enrolled in the nursing program at MBCC. They will be able to discuss skills, classes, resources, and programs that will help guide them towards initiating their nursing career.

Meeting Times: TBD

Club Contacts:

Advisor — Aaron Riobe

Co-Advisor — Deborah O'Dowd

President — Laiz Martins 

Vice President — Dachinan Alfonso


Nursing Students' Club

The Nursing Students Club will facilitate and engage in acts of service in both the MBCC and local communities, allowing members to develop positive skills and attributes as they prepare to enter the nursing profession. In addition, the Nursing Students Club will be a supportive network in which students can discuss the challenges of nursing school and resources available to them, aiding members to be successful in reaching their academic and professional nursing goals.  

*The Nursing Students' Club is aimed towards students enrolled in an ADN or PN Program, and is based in Framingham Campus.* 

Meeting times: First Monday of the month at 12pm: 3/6, 4/3, and 5/11 

Club Contacts:

Advisors — Alicia Layne ADN Program

                   Deborah O'Dowd PN Program

President — Amanda LaRosee ADN 23

Vice President —  Jeanette Reichenbach ADN 24 

PN Liaison — Amanda gates PN

Secretary/ Treasurer — TBD

Historians — Anthony Panarelli ADN 0524

                     Naomi Kiemeuwa ADN 24 

Open Minds

Open Minds focuses on raising mental health awareness and helping to reduce stigma surrounding mental illness.

Meeting times: Hybrid Thursdays 3pm in Library Conference Room B and WebEx

Club Contacts:

Advisor — Ann Whelan

President — Adrian Gilbert Miller 

Vice President Skyler Michaud  

Rad Tech Visions 

The purpose of the Rad Tech Visions Club is to bring current MassBay Rad Tech students together to actively participate in school events, provide community services for what we believe in, and bring health awareness to our community.

*Rad Tech Visions is based on the Framingham Campus*

Meeting times: Weekly on Mondays from 6-7pm 

Club Contacts:

Advisor — Karen Hansen

President — Alexis Wright

Vice President — Megan Munroe

Rotaract Club

The Rotaract club provides students with the opportunity to exchange ideas with leaders in the community, develop leadership and professional skills, and have fun through service. The Rotaract Club provides students with professional development opportunities in conjunction with the Wellesley Rotary Club and through providing service to the community. Our mission is to help provide service to our local, national and international communities to improve the lives of others especially around, food insecurity, education and economic and equal justice. 

Meeting times: Wednesdays at 1pm

Club Contacts:

Club Advisor — Julie Ginn

President — Ann Victoria Beauvais 

Alt Contact — Hamson Shobande 


SABOR (Students Advocating for Bold Opportunities & Representation) Club's mission is to build a strong community that is proud to share their cultures and be more open to learning about the Latinx & Portuguese experience in higher-education and their representation in the media. Club SABOR will serve students by creating a safe place to: express themselves fully and find additional resources, scholarships, and job opportunities afforded to Latinx and Portuguese students.

Meeting times: TBD

Club Contacts:

Advisor — Erika Reyes

President — Ashanty Valentin 

Vice President — Marilyn Machuca

STEM For All Club

The STEM Club is an all STEM-inclusive group with a purpose to prepare, assist, excite and engage STEM students beyond academics. This club will focus on civic engagement, personal development workshops, career and academic opportunities, team-building events, competitions and more!  

Meeting times: Wednesdays at 1pm in the Alumni Board Room (see Student Events Calendar for exceptions)

Club Contacts:

Advisor Amerline Occean  

Co-president Marilyn Machuca  

Co-President Skyler Michaud  

The Kingdom

Prayer and Bible Study Group  Learn and share the word of God, leading to the revelation of a prosperous generation of love, righteousness, peace, and self-control, through spiritual growth.

Meeting times: Thursdays 2:00-3:30pm Choral Room 112 

Club Contacts:

Advisor Dejour Hollins  

President  Joel Yate  

Unified Basketball

The Unified Basketball Club brings together students with and without disabilities to build an inclusive and fun environment to play basketball. 

Meeting times: TBD

Club Contacts:

Advisor — Phoebe Bustamante

President — Radley Theolien

Vice President — Connor Morton  


Singers Assemble! If you love singing and you have a passion for it, this is the place for you! We have amazing advisors, directors, and it's pretty much meant for stress-reliever for your classes. However, this is a high-commitment club if you ever join; once selected, everyone works out their schedule in a groupchat.

Meeting times: 7-8am or 8-9am in the Wellesley Auditorium

**Auditions will be held 2/7 1-4pm in the Wellesley Auditorium** 

Club Contacts:

Advisor — Aaron Riobe

President — Jacob Francis

Vice President — Jonathan Krushell