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Explanation of Tuition and Fees

Day Tuition

The Board of higher Education sets Day Tuition rates for each of the public colleges in Massachusetts. Each individual college bills the students and when collected, it is remitted to the Commonwealth as a general-purpose revenue. The Commonwealth appropriates maintenance funding to each campus to subsidize the cost of education for day students.

All College Fee

Local Boards of Trustees do not have tuition rate setting abilities, they do however have the ability to establish and set fees. The Board of Trustees of MassBay has established the All College Fee which pays for most of the general educational and administrative costs to operate the college. This fee also includes an allocation that helps to fund student activities.

Course/Lab Fee

Course/Lab fees help the College to defray part of the additional costs that are associated with expensive laboratory, clinical and/or technical intensive programs.

Student Health Insurance (waivable)

Student Health Insurance is mandatory. Massachusetts State Law requires health insurance for all students carrying nine (9) or more credit hours. Charges may be waived online, for the annual coverage, through October 24, 2022, if the student is covered by a comparable policy.

Health insurance is mandatory for all students in the Health Profession Programs regardless of the number of credits. Students interested in purchasing or unable to waive the insurance may review the Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan coverage: →

Health Insurance Waivers

Health insurance waivers are processed ONLINE through your Bay Navigator Self Service. The online waiver is the only method to waive coverage. All online waivers must be completed at registration time, by the due date of the bill or prior to add/drop period ending, otherwise the charge will remain on your bill and payment will be required.