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MassBay Accessibility

MassBay strives to provide a welcoming campus that is open and accessible to all, including those with disabilities, in accordance with the ADA and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. MassBay buildings, grounds, and parking meet ADA Accessibility Guidelines.

MassBay buildings, grounds, and parking meet ADA Accessibility Guidelines

For students seeking accommodations, auxiliary aids or other services, contact the Accessibility Resources Center. For a full list of support services, see Student Resources.

MassBay Web Accessibility Statement

Massachusetts Bay Community College is committed to achieving meaningful access to its online environment for all users, including users with disabilities.

As part of its global priority of maintaining a welcome and inclusive community in which to teach and learn, MassBay’s website follows specific federal and state standards designed to meet the needs of our students, staff and administrators with disabilities. The College’s web accessibility is regularly tested using leading web accessibility tools, and it is reviewed by users to verify that our website is compliant with applicable standards.

Massachusetts State Government Web Standards by Americans with Disabilities Act →

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