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Reporting Information to the College

Reporting information to the College is a personal decision and often a difficult one. An individual who has experienced any form of sexual violence, regardless of where and when it occurs should know that the College is here and can walk you through different resources and options. As you consider the decision whether to report, please be reminded of the following:

  • You can choose whether you want to submit a formal complaint in writing. However, you do not need to submit a formal complaint in writing as a first step. Rather, you can speak with the College’s Title IX Coordinator to obtain more information on the process.
  • Reporting something that happened does not necessarily mean an investigation will occur. If an investigation does begin, you get to decide how much to participate in that investigation.
  • You decide whether you will report the incident to the College, law enforcement, confidential resources, all, or none.
  • An individual who reports sexual violence will not “get into trouble” or be subject to disciplinary action for being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs at the time of the incident, so long as their use was not harmful to others. This is the College’s Amnesty Policy and is outlined in the College’s Complaint Procedures.
  • You can report something anonymously. However, it may impact the College’s ability to respond to the information in the report or investigate to the fullest extent possible. Regardless, an anonymous report does inform the College with information about incidents of sexual violence and its occurrence within our community.
  • Once the College has received information, we will take all steps and measures necessary to protect you. We recognize that sometimes people do not want to report out of fear of retaliation. Please know that retaliation in any form, towards anyone, is strictly prohibited and has no place within our community.
  • You can decide to report at any time. If this is a decision you are struggling with, confidential resources are a great way to explore options and get more information.