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Interested in an Internship?

Career and Internship Services has designed a Blackboard organization that will lead you through the five steps to finding an internship. If you are confused about what an internship is or are still deciding whether you would like to pursue an internship, this Blackboard organization will also provide you with this information.

Please self-enroll into Blackboard’s organization Career and Internship Services:

blackboard login

  • Log into Blackboard
  • Scroll down until you see the Organization Search module on the left side

  • Type internship into its textbox and press the Enter key or click on the Go button
  • In the Browse Organization Catalog window, hover your mouse cursor over the Organization ID: Career_and_Internship_Services

  • When the Options Menu button appears, click on it

  • Click on Enroll
  • In the Self Enrollment window, click on the Submit button

  • Click on the OK button

You have successfully self-enrolled into the Career and Internship Services organization and will automatically “enter” that organization.
To use its resources in the future:

  • Click on the MassBay Blackboard tab
  • Scroll down until you view the My Organizations module on the right side
  • In it, click on Career and Internship Services