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Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the student governing body at MassBay, and is open to all students. SGA represents the official voice of the student body and student opinion on issues that affect all MassBay students. SGA is comprised of twenty (20) elected students as well as several volunteers. These students meet regularly with faculty, staff, and administrators to improve the quality of the student experience at MassBay. SGA meetings are open to all students, faculty, and staff members.

The purpose of this organization shall be to encourage and to provide for the participation of all students at all campuses, in the affairs of the student body at the College, to promote and develop ideas for the interest, growth and welfare of the College community, and to provide a suitable means of cooperation at the College among the students, the faculty, and the administration of the College.

SGA Application for the 2024-2025 Academic Year

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SGA will be Meeting Virtually, and In-Person in the Wellesley Alumni Board Room, Wednesdays 3:30pm-5:00pm 

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Virtual “Suggestion Box”

The MassBay Student Government Association values feedback from the student body. It is important to us that our mission aligns with the needs of those we represent. We also understand that not everyone has the flexibility to attend one of our meetings so we have created this suggestion box as a way for you to communicate your ideas directly to us. Once your submission is received, it will be reviewed by a member of the SGA to present to the committee at large. It is important to be as detailed as possible with your suggestion so we can accurately advocate for your idea. If we need clarification, someone may be in touch.Submit Your Suggestion or Complaint


All committees are open to all students, if you are interested in joining a committee, please reach out to the Committee Chair, or contact


Elysia Johnson and Anthony neptune

Academic Affairs Committee: Fridays 2-3pm

Committee Chair: Ronan Keane

Finance Committee: Wednesdays 1-pm

Committee Chair: James Munroe-Ellis 

Events Committee: Fridays 2-3pm

Committee Chair: Florentine Overko

Student Affairs Committee: Thursdays 3-4pm

Comittee Chair: Adrian Gilbert Miller




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If you have any questions, or want to join the SGA or a committee, please contact

SGA Meetings



Any member of the student body may attend any and all SGA meetings!


SGA has various committees and we are always looking for members of the student body to join these committees:

List of Committees and Descriptions