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Student Engagement

The Student Engagement office is continuing to provide services remotely by phone & email, Monday thru Friday, 8am to 5pm. Students should continue to monitor our webpage and the COVID-19 webpage,, for updates.

Student Engagement Contact Information


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Participation in student activities is an excellent way to maximize your MassBay education. There are groups and activities dedicated to many areas of specialization, providing opportunities to interact with and learn from students with similar interests and backgrounds.  

Many of our activities also will afford you an opportunity to learn and fine tune skills you will need for a future career or for continuing your education.

We offer a wide variety of opportunities and services and encourage you to take advantage of all the ways to get involved in student life and make your experience at MassBay fun and exciting.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Student Engagement Office is to enhance the student experience by developing and empowering students, creating opportunities for meaningful interpersonal relationships, supporting student organizations, and providing fun, engaging programs for the diverse campus community. Student Engagement is committed to creating an environment that supports Student Success, Academic Excellence, Diversity and Inclusivity, and Community Engagement.


Virtual Involvement Fairs

Join us for our annual Involvement Fair to connect with clubs and organizations, mentoring programs, LEAD, STEM and More! 

Tuesday 9/22 3pm-4pm

Wednesday 9/23 12pm-1pm 

The Virtual Fairs will be  held over Zoom. When you join, you will enter a Lobby and be admitted by someone in Student Engagement. Have your Student ID number ready and change your name to your first and last name so that groups know who you are. Let us know who you want to meet with and we will assign you to their Breakout Room. Want to meet with multiple groups?- Great! Come back to the lobby and we will move you to the next group!


Weekly Event Calendar

Click the calendar below for a PDF version:

Click HERE This week's Newsletter


Welcome to OR Welcome Back to MassBay!

We know that coming back to this virtual semester might feel overwhelming. Your attention is pulled in a lot of directions; most of you are working, going to school, and have family responsibilities, all while trying to navigate our new reality. Getting back into school can be a challenging transition- whether it’s been 3 weeks, 3 months, or 3 years since your last class.

To help you stay focused and get connected to your peers and opportunities here at MassBay, we’ve created themes for the first 8 weeks of the semester to help you focus your attention on different opportunities and settling in to the semester. Below you will find information and events for the first 8 weeks of the semester.

If this is your first semester here at MassBay, this semester may be especially challenging. To you help you navigate your first semester here at MassBay, Academic Advising and Student Engagement have put together a Guide to Your First Semester Virtually map to help breakdown important milestones and provide resources to look out for along the way. Use it throughout the semester to help stay on track!


WEEK ONE: My MassBay

Welcome to MassBay!! Your first week is all about getting comfortable here at MassBay. Get all your questions answered, set-up a new routine, get a student planner, and learn about MassBay Offices, resources and upcoming events!

This week you should focus on:
  • Finalize your schedule!
    • You have the first few days of class to make sure you are enrolled in the classes you want, you can add or drop courses to better fit your schedule and learning style. Make sure you talk to an advisor in the Add/Drop Center and check your financial aid award letter before making changes to your schedule.
  • Get Organized!
    • Start keeping a schedule and planner now. Whether it’s a paper calendar or you prefer apps, make sure you have a system to keep track of your classes, activities, work schedule and major due dates. Trust us- the sooner you start developing a system that works for you, the better!
  • Take a Deep Breath
    • We know it’s overwhelming, and you aren’t the only one feeling that way! Take a chance and introduce yourself to your classmates, check out programs and activities that are available to you and start to think about what resources you could use to be successful.
  • Follow MassBay on Social Media to see what’s happening around campus:
    • Facebook: @MassBayCommunityCollege
    • Instagram: MassBayView
    • Twitter: @MassBayCommCol

WEEK TWO: My Experience Week

Get Connected! Now that you have finalized your schedule it’s time to start creating connections and building your place here at MassBay. Start developing connections to your peers, staff and faculty all of whom can support you and your learning.

This week you should focus on:

Familiarize yourself with your Syllabus 

  • Understand what your professors expect out of you for your classes, and look over major deadlines. 

Create connections with your faculty members

  • Introduce yourself after class, ask questions, and be engaged! Especially in this virtual world, it’s easy to see who is paying attention, and active in class-and who is distracted or falling asleep.
  • Faculty often know about resources around campus and can serve as future references.

Create connections with classmates! 

  • Introduce yourself to classmates! Send them an email or message in blackboard. Having a classmate to reach out with questions or just to review assignments with can be a huge help. 
  • See if others in your classes would be interested in creating study groups— they’re a great way to meet other students and stay motivated. 

Explore our Mentoring Programs: 

  • STEM Mentoring Program

Stem Mentoring Program nurtures STEM students' academic success and support students’ pursuit of their academic and career aspirations by facilitating one-on-one mentoring relationships and providing STEM-focused events, programs and opportunities. 

  • Info Sessions:  9/15 3:30-4:30pm | 9/16 from 1pm-2pm 
  • Peer to Peer Mentor Program

Students are linked with an experienced second-year student who will serve as a mentor. Peer mentors receive training to assist students on a variety of academic and non-academic topics and support their fellow students in acclimating to MassBay. Peer mentors work collaboratively to engage students in activities that increase their peers’ involvement in a positive college experience. 

  • Multicultural Mentoring Program (MMP) 

MMP’s goal is to prepare students to lead extraordinary lives by establishing a community for students from all cultures and different backgrounds. Students are paired with mentors who are professionals from regional organizations/companies or MassBay’s staff/faculty in a one-to-one mentoring partnership. 

Attend Events (See the weekly calendar for event details)

  • Bingo Night
  • BlackBoard Workshops
  • WebEx Workshops
  • STEM Mentor Info Sessions
  • Computer Science Career Panel - Open to All!
  • Mindful MassBay

Connect to your Academy
Our Academies are the seven broad areas of study at MassBay.  All of our degree and certificate programs are grouped into these seven Academies to create better connections between students and their peers and professors. Think of your Academy as a community of professors and students who share similar interests and goals.

  • Attend your Academy’s Welcome to meet your classmates, faculty and learn more:
    • Business:  Wed. 9/16  |  11am - 12pm
    • Education & Human Services:     Thurs. 9/17  |  10:00-11:00am
    • Legal Studies: Mon. 9/21  |  11am - 12pm

*Check your MassBay email for the invite and WebEx Link


WEEK THREE: My Involvement Week

Get Involved! Your experience here at MassBay will often be defined by the people you meet and the interactions you have, so decide who you want to be here and who you want to be with. Involvement in different programs and clubs on campus leads to greater opportunities and experiences that support you and your goals.

This week you should focus on:
  • Get involved in Clubs and Organizations:
    • Clubs and organizations provide opportunities and experiences outside of the classroom. Develop new connections and skills and have fun!
    • Check out our Student Government Association (SGA) and the ways you can be involved in making MassBay the campus you want.
  • Learn about other opportunities to get involved:
    • From our Leadership Development Program to Mentor Programs and much more. There are plenty of opportunities to be involved!
  • Attend the Involvement Fairs
    • Learn about all of the opportunities available to you in one easy place!
  • Connect to your Academy
    • Our Academies are the seven broad areas of study at MassBay. All of our degree and certificate programs are grouped into these seven Academies to create better connections between students and their peers and professors. Think of your Academy as a community of professors and students who share similar interests and goals.
    • Find out when your Academy is doing its welcome and stop by to meet your classmates, faculty and learn more!
  • Stay Focused on your Academics
    • Utilize tutoring and other academic resources in the AAC
    • Know your due dates and assignments
    • Attend. Every. Class.
      • Attendance is usually factored into your grade
      • Students who show up are more successful
      • Have to miss one? Communicate with your professor ahead of time



Weeks 4-8 Information Coming Soon...



 Start YOUR Involvement TODAY!


1 Join a Club

2 Volunteer

3 Get involved with Student Government Association

4 Participate in the LEAD Program

5 Start your own club 

6 Play a sport



Weekly Newsletter Archive:

FALL 2020

September 14: My Experience Week

September 7: Welcome Back: My MassBay Week

Spring 2020:

March 26: Women's History Month: Women & Activism

March 9: Women's History Month: Midterms & Self Care

March 2: Women's History Month: Women in Literature

February 24: Alternative Spring Break

February 17: LGBTQ & Black History Month

February 10: Mindful Valentine's Day

February 3: Get Involved

January 27: Student Engagement & LEAD

January 21: Welcome Back



Locations & Contact Information


Wellesley Hills Campus
Student Development
Room 130

(781) 239-3053

Framingham Campus
Student Development
Room 316

(508) 270-4014