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Cybersecurity Events Greater Boston

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Cybersecurity Events Archive

The Center for Cybersecurity Education at MassBay Community College has sponsored a series of speakers on cybersecurity. Watch these programs now.


Cybersecurity: The Present & Future

Presented by Kevin Burns, Draper’s Chief Information Security Officer. This presentation was held on April 6, 2021. Prior to his work at Draper, Kevin worked for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ensuring the security and confidentiality of constituents’ data and private information.


A Journey into Cybersecurity

Presented by Noureen Njoroge, the Global Director of Cybersecurity at Nike. The presentation was held on April 12, 2021. Noureen is an award-winning advocate for women in cybersecurity and listed among the Top 30 Most Admired Minority Professionals in Cybersecurity. Noureen is also an alumna of MassBay!


Venturing into Cybersecurity

Presented by Patrick Berg, Senior Information Security Engineer at Advisor360°. The presentation was held on May 3, 2021. Patrick has worked in the cybersecurity field for 7 years. Following a career in hospitality, Patrick switched his career to cybersecurity. He first earned a degree at MassBay Community College, then proceeded to earn his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the field.