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Shuttle Service

Contact Information for MassBay Facilities (Transportation) Department

Please call us for information and/or let us know if you are having any difficulties.


Phone: 781-239-2480

Spring Semester Transportation Options

Uber Program

Uber will only be available from the MassBay Wellesley to Riverside Green Line Station and the Wellesley Farms Commuter Rail Station.  

Spring 2023 Uber to:
Riverside Green Line T Station | Monday through Friday, 7:30am–10:30pm
Wellesley Farms Commuter Rail | Monday through Friday, 7:30am–Noon

Registration is required to participate in the Wellesley Hills to Riverside Uber Program.  Enrollement requires a credit card that would be used if you choose to tip the driver.  Please allow roughly 2 days to process your enrollement.  Approximatly 48 hours after you submit your application, you will receive an email from Uber to your MassBay email address to confirm your participation.  

To register please visit:  Wellesley Hills to/from Riverside Green Line Uber Program 

To register please visit:  Wellesley Hills to/from Wellesley Farms Commuter Rail Uber Program 

Uber MassBay MBTA and Commuter Rail Schedule effective Jan17-May 12 2023 →

MWRTA Campus Shuttle

There is no Uber program for travel to and from the MassBay Wellesley Hills, MassBay Framingham and Framingham State University campuses.  Student will need to use the MWRTA shuttle bus. 

MWRTA | FSU, MassBay Framingham, MassBay Wellesley | Shuttle Schedule effective Jan 17-May 12 2023 →


MWRTA Public Shuttle Routes

The MWRTA Catch Connect service, operates Monday-Friday 6:45am–6:45pm. It services Woodland T Station and all of Wellesley and operates very similar to Uber, and is running free of charge. Students can download the MWRTA Catch App on their phone to use the service.

Download the MWRTA Catch App on your phone to book a trip, or call 508-283-5083. Please allow 10-15 minutes of wait time for your trip.

MWRTA Route 3 Shuttle: For a small fee, you can take the bus from the Framingham Commuter Rail to and from the MassBay Framingham Campus M-F 6:15am–8pm. Instructions: When you depart the Framingham Commuter Rail station, walk to the “Banana Lot”, which is a parking lot located at the rear side of the train station. There, the MWRTA Route 3 bus will take you to the MassBay Framingham campus. The bus trip from the Framingham Commuter Rail station to the MassBay Framingham campus takes approximately 10 minutes.