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Public Transportation

Fall 2022 MWRTA Shuttle Bus Schedule

MWRTA Shuttle Riverside Station to MassBay Wellesley Hills Campus Sep 6 to Dec 20 2022 →

MWRTA Shuttle, and Uber to MassBay Campus Wellesley, Framingham, Ashland

MWRTA Shuttle, and Uber to MassBay Campus Wellesley, Framingham, Ashland →


Catch a Free Uber or Shuttle Ride to MassBay

All Uber rides and the Riverside Shuttle is free for registered MassBay students.


MWRTA Public Shuttle Routes

The MWRTA Catch Connect service, operates Monday-Friday 6:45am–6:45pm. It services Woodland T Station and all of Wellesley and operates very similar to Uber, and is running free of charge. Students can download the MWRTA Catch App on their phone to use the service.

Download the MWRTA Catch App on your phone to book a trip, or call 508-283-5083. Please allow 10-15 minutes of wait time for your trip.

MWRTA Route 3 Shuttle: For a small fee, you can take the bus from the Framingham Commuter Rail to and from the MassBay Framingham Campus M-F 6:15am–8pm. Instructions: When you depart the Framingham Commuter Rail station, walk to the “Banana Lot”, which is a parking lot located at the rear side of the train station. There, the MWRTA Route 3 bus will take you to the MassBay Framingham campus. The bus trip from the Framingham Commuter Rail station to the MassBay Framingham campus takes approximately 10 minutes.



Sign Up to Participate in the free Uber program

Sign up for MassBay Uber with your student ID →

Instructions: Students must download the MassBay profile to their Uber App and follow detailed instructions before taking a ride. When you sign up you will also be acknowledging our Risk and Waiver Policy. Roughly 48 hours after signing up, you will receive an email to your MassBay email address from Uber, to confirm your participation. 

For more information about the Uber program, please contact MassBay Transportation at 781-239-2480

Uber Routes

MassBay Uber Program Routes and Schedules →

Wellesley Campus

To and from Riverside Green Line M-F Nights 6pm–10:30pm

To and from Woodland Green Line M-F Nights 6pm–10:30pm

To and from Wellesley Farms Commuter Rail M-F Mornings 7am-Noon


Framingham Campus

To and from Wellesley Campus M-F 6:30am–10:30pm


Framingham State Dorm

To and from Wellesley Campus M-F 6:30am–10:30pm

To and from Framingham Campus M-F 6:30am–10:30pm

To and from Ashland Campus M-F 6:30am–6pm

Commuter Rail, MBTA and Busses to MassBay

From Points West
The Metro West Regional Transit Authority (MWRTA) operates many bus routes throughout the Metro West region.

  • MWRTA Route 8 stops at MassBay’s front door in Wellesley Hills.
  • MWRTA Route 2, Route 3, Route 4N and Route 4S all stop at or very near MassBay’s Framingham Campus.
  • MWRTA Route 6 makes stops very close to MassBay’s Auto Technology Center in Ashland.

Travelling Between MassBay’s Framingham and Wellesley Hills Campuses
MassBay’s two main campuses are nine miles apart, and some MassBay students take classes on both campuses.

Boston and Metrowest Public Transportation Information

Green Line D Train to Riverside Station:

Riverside Station has free shuttle to MassBay. ou need a OneCard to get this free service. OneCard Schedule. Shuttle schedule can be found here:

Wellesley Hills Station on the Commuter Rail

MetroWest Transit Authority offers many bus routes

MWRTA Route 8:

MWRTA Route 2:

MWRTA Route 3:

MWRTA Route 4N:

MWRTA Route 4S:

MWRTA Route 6: