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Alumni Council

Mission Statement

The MassBay Alumni Council exists to promote the personal, academic and professional development of alumni and students to achieve their fullest potential, while working together to advance the growth and development of the Massachusetts Bay Community College.

Join the Council

The Alumni Council welcomes your participation. If you are interested in serving on the Council please send your resume to the Office of Alumni Relations at For questions call 781-239-3125.

Current Members

Marianna Borrelli, President-Elect, 2007

Cynthia Cahill, 1978

Frederick Camerato, President, 2013

Valerie Camerato, 2020

Laurie Carlson, 2008

Steven Carlson, Secretary, 1982

Lauren Curley, 2006

Maria Fitzpatrick, 2015

Brendan Fraser, 2009

Deborah Georgopoulos, 1990

Elizabeth Kinsman-El Khider, 2008

Romuald Noelsaint, 2013

Osayomwanbor Obazee, 2012

Stacy Okada, 2016

Jaron C. Valukis, 2011

David Wong, 2003