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Leadership Skills

Participants completing four out of five workshops will receive a Noncredit Leadership Certificate!

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Class Descriptions:

Types of Leadership Power

One aspect that is often overlooked in the development of business is the effective use of power. This workshop will review the seven types of power and will allow for participants to become self-aware and attuned to how they exercise power and its effect on their direct reports.

Growing Pains, Staying Positive in Times of Growth and Change

Team leaders must stay attuned to the evolving network of relationships that make up teams. It is inevitable that a team will experience a wide array of tensions as the relationships are tested with pressure resulting from factors like turn over, new hires, external demands, internal disputes, production changes, etc. It is important then that leaders stay sensitive to team dynamics and manage team conflict before it escalates.

Listening and Communication Skills for Leaders

Being a good listener is more than just hearing someone else talk. It’s about attending and being fully present, body language, how and when to respond, and what is helpful and what is not in the appropriate setting. This workshop will review skills and strategies for leaders to promote and model helpful listening skills and being productive helpers whenit comes to issues like problem solving, venting, consoling ,and offering guidance.

Cultural & Bias Awareness

This workshop explores the many dimensions of diversity and works to build a common awareness as it relates to a multicultural community covering a broad definition of diversity including (but not limited to) characteristics as ethnicity, age, generational dynamics, religion, disability, sexual orientation, values, personality characteristics, morals, work ethic, education, marital status, and beliefs. When it comes to cultural and bias awareness open and honest discussions on these topics, as well as basic history and context are necessary and often neglected.

Leadership Balancing Act: Work, Family, Life Balance

How do they do it? Managing the demands of a busy life with family and a job is not an easy task. Being a leader at your job makes it that much harder! Find out how to use strategies to balance time management and stress management skills so that you can be the leader you want to be. In this workshop, you will learn skills to enhance quality of life.