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Resources For Remote Learning — Previously Enrolled and Returning Students

Updated June 6, 2022

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MassBay Course Formats and Definitions

With the health and safety of our community as the driving factor, the decision was made to offer all classes at MassBay remote or online. Each class is marked as “remote” or “online” in the Course Offerings. Note, there are a handful of “blended” courses in our automotive, biotechnology, and health sciences programs that have on-campus laboratory components. Please review the details of our Campus Safety Plans for students enrolled in blended courses.

Remote — Remote classes are held at scheduled class times each week (synchronous delivery) using free video conference technology. The proportion and use of video conferencing will vary from course to course. Course materials will be delivered through a learning management system such as Blackboard.

Online — Online classes do not meet at a specific date and time each week (asynchronous delivery). Students are required to engage weekly with the material in Blackboard, the MassBay learning management system, and stay on track with submitting assignments. Assignments may include videos, recorded lectures, discussion boards, tests, and quizzes and can be completed any time before the assigned deadline (usually weekly).

Blended — Students in blended courses will have scheduled lab meetings on campus and receive a portion of the course instruction remotely or online. The proportion of online or remote instruction will vary from course to course.


Tips and Expectations for Remote Learning for Students →

Home Student Resources

MassBay Community College technology has changed in the past few months. Some changes provide new services and more security, others provide tools and resources for online and remote classwork, and for virtual meetings for school organizations. Please read below and consult course faculty or the Office of Information Technology helpdesk with any difficulties or questions. You can reach the helpdesk by email:

INTERNET ACCESS Many internet providers are offering special pricing and programs for internet services during the Covid-19 outbreak. The Office of Information Technology Services is monitoring for new offers and will update this page as we learn more.

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MASSBAY SINGLE SIGN-ON MassBay has moved all services and software, including email, to a single sign-on service called One Login. This offers a higher level of convenience and security to faculty, students and staff.

MassBay Single Sign-On Instructions →

HOW TO USE WEBEX CONFERENCE SERVICES MassBay provides Webex, an online video-conference tool from Cisco, free of charge to faculty, students, and employees. This is a secure and safe internet software program, which allows people to see and hear each other for meetings and classes online.

Cisco Webex and Webcam Set-up and Use →

MASSBAY LIBRARIES MassBay research services are available online. You will need your student ID number to sign in to some of these services, which are scholarly media subscriptions available to enrolled students only. Your OneCard, Library Card, and Student ID numbers are all the same number! You can find this number in Bay Navigator. The MassBay Libraries also offer information and answer questions by phone, email, and live chat.

MassBay Libraries →

How To Look Up your MassBay Student ID in Bay Navigator

  • Sign into Bay Navigator.
  • Look in the right column of the main landing page of Bay Navigator.
  • The column name is MassBay Links.
  • Click on the blue link named MassBay Library Card Number.
  • The top number, next to “ID:” , is your student number.
  • Enter only the number, do not include the “ID:” at the beginning.

CHROMEBOOK LOANER PROGRAM If you lack the equipment to access the internet for meetings, classes, Blackboard Learn, the library — please visit the Chromebook Loaner Program page.


Keep Learning with Blackboard!

The Office of Information Technology and the Office of Online Learning are pleased to provide students with tools to use Blackboard to help continue attending their classes as more courses go online. We are offering one-on-one assistance to students to help answer their technology questions.

We also have a series of instructional videos that outline the skills and online tools and that may be helpful to you. These videos are short (each about 2-10 minutes), and cover various course components in Blackboard:

Users that are new to Blackboard or just starting, it would be best to access these videos first:

If you have technology questions or need additional help, please feel free to reach out to:


We would be happy to further assist you.

Resources for Remote Research

The MassBay Library has upgraded its services to better support your research needs. We have added two new eBook Libraries with tens of thousands of academic titles, and upgraded our databases with access to more articles and journals. We are identifying online versions of Reserve books, and when available can be accessed on the Working Off-Campus guide.

Remember, when trying to access library resources off-campus, you will be prompted to enter your MassBay library card number. This can be found on the back of your College ID (OneCard). If you haven’t yet acquired a OneCard, you can find your College ID number when you sign in to Bay Navigator. A particularly useful resource to assist students who are working off-campus is the link below, named Working Off-Campus.

Working Off-Campus →

Ask a Librarian

Librarians are still available to help you and can be reached online in a variety of ways.
For each of the following methods, a reply may not be received until next business day. EMAIL


781-253-7377 TEXT


781-239-2610 TELEPHONE: Wellesley


508-270-4210 TELEPHONE: Framingham