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Current Students Advising

Working with an academic advisor throughout your academic journey at the college is key to your success as a student! For this reason, all currently enrolled students are assigned an academic advisor who may be a member of the faculty, professional staff, or an advisor in the Academic Advising, Coaching, & Transfer Center. In addition to an email that is sent to every enrolled student with the name and contact information for one’s assigned advisor, this information is always available on your Student Center page in your Bay Navigator account.

How to Access the Academic Advising, Coaching, and Transfer Center

Your Assigned Advisor

Your assigned advisor is ready to meet with you and has likely already reached out to you — please check your MassBay email! Students should connect with their assigned academic advisor and schedule a meeting to review their goals, program of study, academic progress, as well as to review course selection and registration each semester.

  1. Log into Bay Navigator
  2. Locate the "My Advisor" tile on the home screen
  3. View your academic advisor's name & contact information

Advising Services

  • Substitute one course for another or waive a prerequisite
  • Change or add a major
  • Add, drop, or withdraw from classes during the add/drop period to save money:

CAREFULLY CHECK THE ADD/DROP period on the Academic Calendar for your semester (within the first day of classes) →

  • Add and Drop Classes Form →
  • Register for classes
  • How to use the Course Offerings website
  • How to enter Health Sciences Programs, such as Nursing: the Selective Admissions for Health Sciences process
  • How to enter the Automotive programs
  • Transfer Advising — either transferring into MassBay or transferring from MassBay to another school
  • COMPASS (First Semester Advising)
  • Get permission to take course elsewhere and have the credits apply at MassBay. Coursework must be represented in credit hours (clock hours will not be converted to MassBay credit hours)
  • Academic Probation Back on Track info & form
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeals Support
  • Academic Dismissal & College Appeals Board Process
  • Course Repeat info & form
  • Understanding GPA

Academic Probation & GPA Recovery 

To assist students who have found themselves on academic probation, the Acaedmic and Transfer Advising Team has provded the Getting Back on Track advising program. Students are encouraged to reflect on their experiences through a survey and meet with their advisor.

Specific goals we will discuss are:

  • To reflect on your experiences that affected your academic performance
  • To identify your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to study skills and habits 
  • To complete some preliminary exercises to address identified obstacles
  • To develop a success plan to help you return to good academc standing

Learn more about Academic Probation Advising Support here:

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeals Support

To remain eligible for federal financial aid - grants, work study funds, and students loans - college students must meet certain standards in the classroom. In financial aid speak, those standards are called satisfactory academic progress. 

To meet the SAP standards and stay eligible for federal financial aid, students need to do all of the following:

  • Maintain a certain grade point average
  • Complete a certain percentage of attempted credits
  • Make progress toward completing their degree within a certain time frame

If you've been placed on SAP Suspenstion (for not meeting the above standards), you can learn more about this on the financial aid website.

Questions can be sent to

Once you've completed the appeal, you will be asked to meet with your assigned advisor. Advisors provide quality advising to support your financial aid goals. You can make an appointment or join us in the virtual advising center.
Find MassBay Appeal and Release Forms here →

Coaching Services

Professional coaches promote the academic, career, and co-curricular success of students at MassBay through individualized coaching focused on college transition, academic skills, and building a sense of belonging., program of study, academic progress, as well as to review course selection and registration each semester.

Make and Appointment

To inquire about a coach, please contact us.

Credit for Prior Learning

Credit for Prior Learning gives you opportunities to earn credit for college-level knowledge that you have already acquired. This will enable you to:

  • Reduce your education costs
  • Accelerate your program completion
  • Transform previous learning into higher earnings

Click here for more information: