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Find The Links For Your Spring 2021 Classes

How Do I Find my Remote Class?

Most classes are online or remote. There are three possible ways to locate your spring 2021 remote course link to join your virtual class at the scheduled time:

1. Check your MassBay e-mail account. Your faculty member(s) may have e-mailed you your course link directly.

2. Log into your Blackboard account and view your classes. Many faculty will list the link to the virtual class on the announcements page. Faculty may activate your class between today and the first day of class.

3. Check your spring 2021 course schedule in Bay Navigator.

Under Student Quick Links → Student Center → My Class Schedule

The Spring 2021 schedule may contain a link to access your remote course(s). Please note that not all courses will have this link.


Link in class listing


If You Need More Assistance

If you need more assistance, please visit the Virtual Q&A Center ( to connect with a MassBay staff member. The Q&A Center staff can offer real-time virtual support to answer questions on a range of topics, including tech support, financial aid/enrollment, purchasing books, campus resources and remote supports. Please visit for hours and the link to connect.

Please check your MassBay email for any messages from your instructor(s) that might give additional information about your course(s).