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Frequently Asked Questions

I need more information about my STEM program and courses. Who can help me?

If you are a prospective student, please visit to learn more about our programs and apply

If you are a current student and have general questions regarding the program or the courses, please contact Dean Chitra Javdekar at or send an email to an appropriate department chair listed on this page.

How can I contact my instructor?

Please send an email to your instructor.  Instructor contact information is available at

How do I obtain a syllabus for a course?

You may request it directly from the instructor of the course. To request a syllabus, send an email to the instructor of the course.

If you do not hear from the instructor, or if an instructor is not yet assigned to the course, please contact Janet Bustos at, or send an email to an appropriate department chair listed on this page.

I need to speak with someone other than my instructor. Whom should I contact?

It depends on what you wish to speak about. If you wish to speak with someone about a current course that you are enrolled in, we recommend that you first speak with your instructor, and then contact Dean Chitra Javdekar at in case you need additional assistance.

In case you do not find your answer here, you may wish to contact the Office of the Dean of Students so they can direct your questions to appropriate offices or departments on campus.

I need guidance/advice about course selection. Where should I start?

You may direct your question to an academic advisor at the Center for Academic and Transfer Advising or to your faculty advisor.

I need an internship or a job. Who can help me?

You may direct your questions to Brenda Egan, STEM Student Success and Career Coach, at For more comprehensive information regarding MassBay’s Career Services, please visit

I need more information about MassBay’s STEM Starter Academy. Where do I start?

The STEM Starter Academy program at MassBay focuses on 1) expanding and diversifying the pipeline of students interested in STEM education and careers by recruiting high school students and adult learners to STEM programs at MassBay; 2) increasing retention, completion, graduation and transfer rates of STEM students by providing an educational environment that gives students the support and resources they need to persist and be successful in their studies; and 3) assisting STEM students with their educational and professional development so they are prepared to transfer to a four-year institution and/or enter the workforce with marketable skills in the STEM fields..

For more informaiton about STEM Starter Academy, please visit or contact Valerie Kapilow, Director of STEM Starter Academy at

I need more information about MassBay’s STEM Mentor Program. Where do I start?

The goals of MassBay's STEM Mentor Program are to nurture STEM students' academic success and to support students' pursuit of their academic and career aspirations by facilitating one-on-one mentoring relationships between MassBay STEM students and STEM professionals. Employer partners include Sanofi, MathWorks, ABI-LAB, Synspira Therapeutics, and more. The program is funded by Sanofi, ABI-LAB, MathWorks, and STEM Starter Academy.  

For information about the STEM Mentor Program please visit, or contact Tracey Gustafson, STEM Mentor Program Manager, at