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Congratulations! You have an interview. To make sure that your interview leads to a job offer, please see the following tips and articles for some great advice.

Preparation is key to interviewing success. Want the job, but not sure how to get ready for your interview? Follow this excellent step-by-step article: How to Prepare for an Interview

Create a 60 second “commercial” to use as an introduction to you and your interest in the job/career field.

Anticipate questions and practice your answers out loud.

Great interviewers transform an employer’s image of them from an outsider to an inside contributor. Here’s how:

  • Own it  – clearly state your critical skill or competency
  • Prove it – provide concrete examples of when/where you’ve used the skill effectively
  • Connect it – discuss how it directly benefits the employer by meeting their needs

What to wear? Don’t worry—we have you covered. Here is a great guide for How to Dress for an Interview

If you need interview clothes, but budget is preventing you, please contact our office so that we can connect you to these two great organizations.

Don’t be surprised—there are common interview questions that are likely to be asked. See this helpful list of the Most Common Interview Questions (and how best to answer them) for some excellent advice.

Phew! You finished your interview! Your next step is to follow-up with a thank you note (for its immediacy, email is preferable) within 24 hours of your interview. In addition to demonstrating your good manners, thank you notes can serve as another opportunity to reiterate your excitement about the position and to highlight your best skills. Please see these two articles for an in-depth discussion and helpful examples: Thank You Emails and Thank You Letters

Read through these materials and want a chance to practice your interviewing skills with a career services professional? Please schedule a mock interview with the Office of Career Services, Internships and Mentoring.


Contact Office of Career Services, Internships & Mentoring

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Kate Basch
Career Coach

Brenda Egan
STEM Career Success Coach

To make an appointment with Julie Ginn or Kate Basch or for more information about our office, please call 781-239-3142 or stop by Student Development, Room 130, Wellesley Hills campus. If you are a STEM student who would like to make an appointment with Brenda Egan, please email her: