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James Boyle

Alumni Award
Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient

Optimism and a love of cars is the driving force behind James Boyle's success as one of the leading automobile dealers in New England. After graduating from MassBay's business program in 1979, James transferred to Northeastern University to complete his baccalaureate degree with a focus on the future. He started his own business in 1984, expanding that venture with the purchase of several other companies.

In 1997 he acquired his first truck dealership in Massachusetts.
His success with his dealership grew, as did his vision for the future. In 2001 he purchased his first automobile franchise and launched an aggressive renovation.

After he began the renovation, James once again changed his focus, choosing to become involved with organizations that would benefit his fellow dealers. His work on behalf of his colleagues recently earned him the position of President of the Massachusetts State Automobile Dealers Association. He is also a member of the New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association, and the GM Commercial Dealer and Toyota National Dealer Councils.

Mr. Boyle served as a Trustee to the Massachusetts Automotive Dealers Charitable Foundation. As Trustee, Mr. Boyle is the chairperson for the technician's scholarship program. This scholarship has awarded over $400,000.00 to MassBay's automotive technology students since 2003. This commitment has provided great career opportunities for our students in a very exciting and rewarding industry.

The current economy has not shaken his vision or determination but instead, has made his focus sharper as he continues to help shape the future of the industry.