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Eugene H. McCarthy, M.A.

Alumni Award
Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient

Eugene H. McCarthy earned his associate's degree in liberal arts from MassBay Community College in 1963, before earning his bachelor's degree in ancient Greek from Boston University and later his master's degree in Comparative Literature from San Francisco State University.

A longtime teacher and writer, Professor McCarthy currently serves as Professor of English and Literature at Middlesex Community College in Bedford, Mass. Prior to Middlesex, Professor McCarthy has taught at San Francisco State University, at the University of Maryland's European Division, at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education, and at MassBay Community College. He also taught in Boston -area high schools for many years.

During his career, Professor McCarthy also served as a public information officer for the U.S. Small Business Administration disaster relief program and later as regional public affairs director for that agency's New York region. He also worked for the White House as deputy media relations officer for the White House Conference on Small Business.

An avid athlete, he played professional baseball before he attended MassBay and was an all-star pitcher at Boston University. He holds numerous awards in men's basketball, baseball, football and softball. Mr. McCarthy has also coached women's softball at MIT and Emmanuel College. At 72, he continues to play competitive men's softball.

Professor McCarthy is a lifelong advocate of community colleges, which he credits with changing his life. He currently lives with his family in Arlington, Mass.