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Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Expectations

Community Civility Statement

Being a member of MassBay comes with certain community expectations. MassBay is committed to providing a collegiate atmosphere that allows individual freedom, rights and privileges to coexist with reasonable order. The College recognizes and will strive to protect the rights of all students, faculty, administrators and staff members to be treated with respect, courtesy, and fairness.

Student Code of Conduct

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Every academic community outlines standards and expectations regarding student conduct. It is expected that each student accepts these responsibilities and is accountable for their behavior in and out-of the classroom, on and off-campus. These policies enable MassBay to be an academic institution that allows for mutual respect, a rich exchange of ideas, and appreciation of differences.

Student Rights

Twelve (12) basic rights were established by the College to help students in their academic and personal growth and development. When exercising these rights, students must do so in accordance with local, state and federal laws, the rules and regulations of MassBay, and the Code of Student Conduct.

  1. The Right to Individual Expression
  2. The Right to Governance and Participation
  3. The Right to Collective Expression
  4. The Right to Academic Pursuit
  5. The Right to Non-Discrimination
  6. The Right to Exercise Beliefs
  7. The Right to a Safe Environment
  8. The Right to Privacy
  9. The Right to Confidentiality
  10. The Right of Access to College Documents
  11. The Right to Fair Practice in Disciplinary Matters
  12. The Right to Utilize a Grievance Procedure

Read the Student Code of Conduct, rules, laws, and rights in the most recent:

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